Unification News for February 2005

Fishing in North Carolina

by Bruce Hutcherson

On Tuesday, January 4th, 2005, leaders of the North Carolina Family Church and the NC-IRFF leadership went on a one-day fishing trip on the coast to make a good condition to start the New Year. It was also a good opportunity for these two departments to work together. Attending were our regional leader, Rev. Byung Seok Cho, IRFF leaders Rev. Mike Lamson with his son Tremont Lamson, Rev. Mike's brother Mr. Art Lamson, NC sate leader Rev. Burgi Hutcherson and myself.

We met at brother Art's house in Raleigh the evening before and received our "Big Fish" pep talk from Rev. Mike Lamson. He let Rev. Burgi know that as the only woman on the team, her unity with her husband was the key to our victory. He was even planning to bring a special candle for our couple to assist us in creating unity that evening. We made the four-hour drive to our motel in Nags Head while Rev. Mike Lamson frequently checked on us to see if we were thinking of the "Big Fish" and visually checking on our couple's unity.

After Hoon Dok Hae the next morning, we drove to the marina. We climbed onto our rented charter boat and watched a beautiful sunrise as we motored our way out to the ocean beyond the Outer Banks. The weather had been splendid as we were fortunate this time to have planned a January ocean fishing trip that happened to coincide with a record warm spell for our area.

Rev. Mike Lamson wanted to know how big a fish everyone planned to catch. Rev. Burgi's goal was 40 inches. During the day we caught four stripped bass. Rev. Burgi Hutcherson pulled in the largest fish, which amazingly measured just over 40 inches.

In conclusion, the "Big Fish" must mean good fortune and blessing is coming to our region in 2005. I'm happy that we could create good unity as a couple and good harmony in the whole team, aligned with our regional leader.

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