Unification News for February 2005

Record Size Crowd at the ACLC Breakfast in Los Angeles

by Rev. Henning

Saturday, January 29th, 2005 morning at the McCarty Memorial Christian Church Fellowship Hall the main event in Los Angeles for educating the regional goal of 576 clergy and civic leaders took place. Earlier the Womenıs Federation for World Peace held a very successful gathering and Hawaii held a major event. San Diego hosted a banquet where Archbishop Stallings brought the keynote address. This ACLC Breakfast event was the largest in Los Angeles history with 300 in attendance. Among those attending for the first time were Los Angeles City Councilman, Martin Ludlow; Rev. Andrew Robinson Gaither of Faith UMC; and Rev. Cecil Murray of First AME of Los Angeles. Rev. Murray, a nationally famous preacher, was very impressed with the setting. "All the diversity, all the denominations and faiths, all colors represented, this is amazing!" he remarked.

As the clergy just kept pouring in the doors, everyone realized that this would be a very significant morning in Los Angeles. Gospel songs and finally "By the Spring of Life" sung by Origin and the Sadoc Christian Singers opened the meeting on a joyous note. The opening prayer was given by Rev. Marvin Parks, of Heavenly Tabernacle Peace Family Missionary Baptist Church. After remarks by the Councilman and Imam Haitham Bundakji, the Chairman of the Orange County Islamic Society, our Co-Convenor in Los Angeles, Dr. William R. Johnson, gave his greetings. He read the "I Have a Dream" speech of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. given at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

Then, Mr. Andrew Weiss, the American Family Coalition Director from San Diego, read the conclusion of the speech, "Filial Children of God are Patriots Who Strive to Liberate His Heart" given December 13th, 2004 by True Father. Truly the dream of Dr. King, all races and faiths together realizing true freedom, is being fulfilled through the ACLC ministry of the True Parents. With much food for thought the breakfast buffet began after a table grace delivered by the Rev. Dr. Nicholas Benson of First Summit Evangelical Peace Family Church.

The Hollywood Choir under the direction of Blinky Williams poured out spirit and energy in their performance during the breakfast. Then the thirteen-minute "Crown of Peace" DVD presentation made a tremendous impression on everyone. Rev. T. L. Henning, Pastor of the LA Family Church and Co-Convenor in Los Angeles, presented the "Faith Leadership in Our Fractured World" slide show.

Next, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings delivered his keynote address, "Realizing the Dream of True Peace". Generating the excitement he has become famous for, he astonished and electrified the clergy. Many already knew the Archbishop from earlier days in his career. Some had their first experience. He articulated the message of True Father to realize Godıs Ideal of Creation through cooperation and unity in building the Peace Kingdom. All rose to give him a standing ovation. A group of Native Americans, encouraged by Mr. Gayokla Nichi, made a presentation of a fine art statue of a warrior brave and a hand-painted shirt to honor him and express their commitment to realize True Fatherıs vision for the Peace Kingdom.

Rev. George Gatson closed the event with a fervent prayer and a long line to get Archbishop Stallingsı new book formed. All agreed; history had been made that morning in Los Angeles.

This event was the major event in January for educating clergy and civic leaders in the greater Los Angeles area and made it possible to complete the regional goal. Another large conference event, this for the Ambassadors for Peace and other civic leaders, is planned for February.

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