Unification News for February 2005

Archbishop Stallings Speaks to Bay Area Clergy

by Bento Leal

In the spirit of fulfilling our founderıs goal of educating 8000 clergy in America, Archbishop George A. Stallings, Jr., flew out to Northern California and was the keynote speaker at a special Community of Faith Breakfast held at the Bay Area Family Church (BAFC) in San Leandro on Saturday, Jan. 8. At least 175 people attended, including ACLC clergy, local Ambassadors for Peace, and members of the BAFC.

Archbishop Stallings gave a stirring presentation on Godıs Ideal of Creation (particularly the plan for the God-centered family), His grief at the Fall, Godıs hopes for restoration, the mission of True Parents, and the importance of interreligious unity to raise up humanity in this era of Cheon Il Guk. He spoke with passion and enthusiasm, as is his trademark.

He also spoke of the phenomenal interreligious breakthroughs that have occurred in Israel due to the World Peace Pilgrimages there this past year, and the prospects of a powerful World Peace Summit in Korea in mid-February.

The archbishop spoke freely and candidly about True Parents being in the roles of King and Queen of Peace, and being the messianic couple in our time. "Rev. & Mrs. Moon are the True Parents, the Messiah, the Champions of Cheon Il Guk. They are leading the way to world peace. They are calling each of us to also be messiahs and to do our messianic work at the local level." Everyone was excited, and all applauded.

After the breakfast program, some 20 selected leaders attended a more intimate luncheon with the archbishop. One of the most prominent guests, Dr. Amos C. Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church in San Francisco, who had attended the Crown of Peace ceremonies on March 23 and Dec. 13 in Washington, DC, said, "I have no problem with Rev. Moon being the messiah. He is living it! Weıre all supposed to be messiahs!"

On the very morning of the breakfast we received copies of a local newspaper which caters to the churches of the Bay Area (25,000 circulation) with True Fatherıs speech from December 13th "The Manifestation Of True Parents" and a nice picture of our True Parents. Also Tom Walshıs article "Building A World Of Peace for All People" was in the same issue.

We want to extend our warmest, heartfelt appreciation to Archbishop Stallings for flying all the way across the country to educate, inspire and motivate our members, clergy, APs and other friends. Particular thanks to Regional Director Rev. Man Ho Kim and Pastor Kevin Thompson for leading the organization for this high-powered and successful educational event. Also, special thanks go to Nancy Hewitt and the several brothers and sisters who volunteered to cook the fabulous breakfast, Kimiko Leal, who cooked the chicken teriyaki luncheon, Theo Townsend, Lionel Chapital, and guest Brenda Walls for providing such beautiful music, and to all our wonderful brothers and sisters who brought their close ministers and friends to attend.

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