Unification News for February 2005

Hoon Dok Hae at Blue Sea Garden

Sun Myung Moon

On January 13, around 150 members (including Japanese wives, STF members and some leaders) attended morning Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu. Jeong Won-ju read chapter 2 of Cheon Seong Gyeong, "Sin and Restoration through Indemnity." Shinjunnim, grandson of True Parents--son of Hyung-jin nim-- also attended. He was trying to say something; his features were so cute, giving joy to all members as well.

True Father said that because peace was destroyed by the selfish life of religious people in the past, now through True Parents peace has to be realized anew. Heaven and Earth should become the place without any need of savior, messiah, or lord of Second Advent. For that we need to establish the original ideal family and ideal world...

Mrs. Jeong Won-ju prayed and then gave a brief testimony, saying that she attended Sunday service when she was young and received an international blessing after joining the Hansun ballet team and then served True Parents. She said whenever she sees Japanese members, she feels gratitude. She asked all the Japanese wives among the participants to become international citizens of Cheon Il Guk as she finished her tearful testimony. Most of the Japanese members choked with tears.

True Father said that international couples must be united and raise their sons and daughters toward higher levels. And he said, "Even if you forget your life of suffering, God will remember it. If you endure 10 years, 20 years and 50 years, heavenly fortune is waiting for you."

Won-ju sang "Millennium Rock." After the first part of the song, True Father said, "Shall I speak a little bit?" He then continued, saying, "This song reminds me of the time when I went to the Danbury prison. It is about where I went throughout my life... People want to realize their desire, but happiness is not realized when our desire is fulfilled. In my case, I'm going the way that my desire doesn't want to go. Thinking about flower gardens along the way of life, I am adding this song to the holy songs... You came here as gypsies looking for a resting place!..."

In his prayer, Rev. Hwang Sun-jo, the international president of the FFWPU, said that True Parents cannot rest at all, as they are working hard to liberate heaven and to save humanity with their sincere hearts. Rev. Hwang thanked True Parents and asked everyone to become people who can inherit that kind of life.

After the morning program, True Father went to visit Mu-ahn and Mok-po with some leaders.

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