Unification News for February 2005

Kaunda, Mandela conferred with Universal Peace Awards

Zambia's first republican president Kenneth Kaunda and former South African president Nelson Mandela were Tuesday conferred with the Universal Peace Awards. The award presented by the World Association of Non Governmental Organizations (WANGO) is in recognition of the contribution of the two statesmen in the fostering of peace efforts worldwide.

Conferring the award at a ceremony here, WANGO Secretary General Taj Hamad said the association unanimously voted to bestowthe award to Kaunda. Hamad stressed that peace cannot be achieved by force or violence but through love and compassion, which, he said, Kaunda has exhibited.

"His long record of seeking solutions to the most difficult problems facing people in the region and his boldly and steadfastly working to bring about non-violent social and political change, makes him one of the worlds leading lights of our time," he said.

And accepting the award, Kaunda expressed gratitude to WANGO for conferring him with the highest award given to individuals. Inspired by the late Indian prime minister Mahatma Ghandi, Kaunda said he had a firm belief in power of nonviolence even in the face of intimidation.

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