Unification News for January 2005

Celebration of the Coronation for God's Kingship & Celebration of the Birthday of Jesus

January 3, 2005 - 8 AM

(notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins via simultaneous translation)

NOTE: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Today we celebrate the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship and the Birthday of Jesus.

Rev. Kwak led us in preparation.

The offering table has 12 columns front and back (24 in all) The backdrop was the same for God's Day with the Sun and the Moon floating over a modern- art version of the creation with mountains, streams, and beautiful trees that look like the cherry blossoms.

God's throne (two chairs for the Father and Mother aspects of God), which is white, sits as it did for the Coronation. The golden chairs of True Parents sit to the right and left of God's throne.

True Parents entered at 8 AM with True Family.

Father is wearing a white tuxedo (like the one at the Holy Wedding of True Parents opening the door to Cheon Il Guk - February 6, 2003). Mother is wearing a most beautiful gown with a white dress and a silver and white shining jacket with white cotton fluffy trim. True Parents lit the candles and then bowed before the throne of God. They then went to their places behind the offering. Then True Family and the wives of the 5 saints bowed. Then the congregation bowed and then representatives of the three primary nations, Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam, Abel and Cain world and the spirit world. (Now all bows are done as couples). True Parents cut the cake and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Rev. Kwak read the Coronation for God's Kingship Address given on January 13, 2001. (sent separately)

Father's Guidance: Since the age has changed, your face must change, you must change your clothes. Where you lived close to one another, then you must be able to live apart. Through allowing all people to come into your home, you can make an indemnity condition to love all people. You must go out of your home and serve others to make a good family.

Your work is to plant good seeds. In your lifetime it will depend on how many seeds of goodness you planted in your lifetime. Because of the fall all was separated, and we all became like grains of sand without a partner. Without Adam and Eve fulfilling the pair system, they could not create the Kingdom of God. Do you like people who smile and laugh or people who are fighting all the time? If a couple fights, gossip about this will spread like fire to the whole neighborhood. Then they act like they don't fight in public.

Where people fight amongst each other - that is the place we go: to bring reconciliation and harmony of the people who are struggling. Where families, tribes and nations become the people that can truly be trusted, they can lead the world.

Until now you have followed Father. From now you can't just follow Father. You must bring your own parents to God. The husband donates to the wife and the wife donates to the husband. We have to offer gifts and donations based on the pair system. If there is one bad person in a family, what will you do? Even if a person is bad in the family you have to share with that person. When you live together as a couple, are you the same status or not? Sometimes you might try to eat something on your own without your husband and wife knowing - that would be a sin. If you steal something from the master you will be a thief on every level.

We are entering an age in which anything that is done wrong will be revealed in an instant. Rev. Hwang, what do you think? If you live according to your own personal or individual level you will come to reap bad things. If Satan is hiding in our family, you will not be able to receive good things. We know everything about God, the internal and the external parts. Everything is revealed. Do you see birds wearing clothes? The time has come to reveal everything.

Those who eat five meals a day will not live very long. Many people in villages and in Japan and America are eating all the time. They become fat. If they didn't eat that muc,h they wouldn't become fat.

When you are in a low pressure system, the high pressure comes in. When a person is hungry naturally he will seek fulfillment. Like exhaling and inhaling.

In prison I learned that the amount you eat is so important. If you eat too much you go to a high pressure area and don't work so well. If you eat too little you will create a low pressure. If you drink too much orange juice you will get diarrhea. Everything should be in balance.

(Just then some of the most influential Korean dignitaries came in and joined the meeting at the very front)

Father said: We welcome these most influential leaders of Korea. I invited them for lunch so we will end soon. When they look at the banner they probably don't understand. The banner says the Coronation for the Kingship of God and the celebration of the Birthday of Jesus.

Chun Ji means heaven and earth. Is the West on the right or on the left? The East is on the right. That's why we emphasize the right hand. That place which is invisible is the spirit world. You must know where the center is.

There are many Japanese here. You are from a different nation. Do you like Father? (Yes). Mr. Lee. You look young for your age. How about the Buddhist leader here, don't you want to marry? Did you know that Buddha is married? Where is she? Here is Dr. Lee, the president of Sun Moon University. She is married to Confucius. Here is Jesus' wife. Here is Augustine's wife. Here is Socrates' wife. Here is Buddha's wife!! What do you think about this? When all these saints are married to Koreans, do you think this will bring great fortune to Korea?

Mrs. Kang, who is married to Saint Augustine: You may think I am crazy, and wonder how can I be married to someone who lived 1600 years ago. However, the spirit world is real. I was blessed to St. Augustine. He lives in the spirit world. Augustine is actually most envious of the people who are living on the earth. In 1950 I was a strong Presbyterian who worked very hard to witness to Father Moon about Jesus. He witnessed to me.

I want to testify that he is the messiah, savior and second coming. It is real. This is reality. I would never lie, because I know that the pangs of my conscience would make me suffer so much. Father has always asks me to explain about my life with Augustine. This is important but I feel it is more important to take this opportunity to testify to True Father. When I first met him there were only a couple of people there and I met him in a small, small room with a dirt floor. He was talking at that time that the whole world would become one and all races and peoples would come together. Then it sounded so crazy. Sometimes I would wonder how this would happen when he would speak to us (the same three people) over and over again. How can he be saying these grand wonderful things in such a small room? At least we should have a large room!

Then when I was doubting,, he asked me, "Do you have your Bible?" He said, "Open it wherever you like." It was Matthew 14. Father asked me to read verse 31. Mt 14:31: "Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"

I came from famous Christian parents. My father died as a missionary. I went to the most famous Christian seminary. It was so difficult with the persecution. I was having so much doubt. I was really thinking about saying goodbye. I came back to the church. Father was always so nice and was always worried about whether I had eaten or not. This time however, Father had such an angry look. He said, "What were you thinking today?" I said, "Nothing". He said, "Nothing?" I said, "Yes". He said, "You were thinking about saying goodbye to me !" I was so shocked. He knew exactly what my thoughts were. I then came to know who he was.

It is easy to believe in Jesus who is in spirit. But the living Messiah, Father Moon, is not easy to believe in. It challenges you deeply.

Father said: "Please talk about Augustine!"

Mrs. Kang said: - How can I explain? It is hot love. From morning to night I am discussing with him. I can talk to him all the time. We have a hot love relationship.

FATHER: The name of Unification Church must disappear; the name that creates boundaries of each religion must disappear. National boundaries should disappear. Think about the Kingdom of God. Would we have all different religions there? All must be harmonized as one.

This is the era of Cheon Il Guk. It means two people become one. That forms the heavenly family and the heavenly nation. It also means that the basis for all reality is the pair system. This is the fundamental and universal principle. Everything is in a pair system. For action to take place, there must be a pair system. There must be two for action. Two, subject and object, relate together. Subject and object make action. Knowledge, power, money, is that what God needs? What does he need? What is the purpose of making the human beings? Why did God create humans?

They need subject and object to develop. When they become adults, then how does God harmonize them? Through True Love. Everyone likes unchanging things. The only thing that is truly unchanging is True Love. Are your mind and body quarreling or not. Mr. Lee? Why does it quarrel. Why is it complicated with mind and body. Our ancestors' minds and bodys are fighting. This has been passed on.

Who made the battle between the mind and body? Sometimes we can feel the pangs of conscience can we not? This problem all came due to the fall.

If you have the Chinese character for three times, it means an adulterer. This comes due to the fall.

To overcome the problem of the mind, the mind must be strengthened by relating with God. In the fall God lost his children. God didn't have the experience of true love with his children. How broken hearted was God. Satan took everything. Because of the fall the blood line of Adam was different. In the family in God's eyes there is no love because of the fall.

Man and woman need each other. They must come together as one centering on God. But Adam and Eve lost this. They formed the blood lineage centering on Satan. We must completely restore the blood lineage back to God.

When I was in prison, I couldn't sleep. During that time I trained myself and overcame. We have to unite the mind and body. Through the blessing the fall can be restored and the True Family can be created in your family.

The fall occurred due to adultery. False love was introduced by the archangel. Why is there so much fighting in democracy? Because all sides think they are right. All fight, and because of this progress is greatly hindered.

Also, religions must be united. This is causing so much division in the world. United, religions can lead the world to peace. The world has a left wing and a right wing. Why? Because of the fall. The divisions occurred. The right and the left must be harmonized, centering on the headwing.

How can the religions be harmonized? By Buddhists marrying Christians and so forth. Through intermarriage the religions can be harmonized. The left wing and the right wing must be united. How? Religious leaders who teach love for the enemy can bring the right and the left together. Religious teaching must be part of the harmonization of society. Religion is crucial to bring the different parties together. Left wing and right wing must embrace each other.

(Father is deeply guiding very famous Korean dignitaries as we sit here). Father took his water and there was another glass so he gave it to Dr. Lee and then they passed to all the key leaders.

Dr. Lee, do you want to go to Heaven? (Yes. I do.) Those who wish to die will live and those who wish to live will die. Dr. Lee, do you want to make a True Family? (Yes.)

Now, we are here and many Christians are starting to believe that the second coming is going on now. You cannot become a central figure unless you are totally willing to give up your life on earth. Even the Greek philosophies developed into humanism. Israel developed into Hebraism, which developed into Christian thought. There is a conflict between these two trends now.

All of this has to be resolved, and a key part of resolving this is the 38th parallel. Now all the saints are standing as my disciples. How can you say that these saints are following this strange leader, Rev. Moon? If it wasn't sanctioned by God, we would be destroyed.

Unification can embrace and harmonize Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity. Can any Christian church do this? No. Unification can do it. Why? Because of God. If I try under the banner of the True Parents, I can fulfill. You should understand that I am the great True Parent and you should stand as the small True Parent. Through this we can establish the Peace Kingdom.

You must become True Parents. If you do this and bless 12 of your children and relatives you can definitely enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Because Jesus couldn't establish the family, the second coming has to occur. Do you think I wanted to be the second coming? No. So much came against me. How did I fulfill? I blessed saints with evil people to restore both. You must love your enemy. That is the secret.

(Then one of the most famous political women in Korea -not a FFWPU member - came forward and testified to True Parents and bowed to Father for the new year!!! She then gave an incredible testimony that True Parents are the hope of Korea and will lead the way to peace.)

The Unification system will be fundamentally transformed. My direct sons and daughters will be guiding the movement. Some in business, some in religion. Please give a copy of my prayer from God's Day. It is the essential explanation of the age we are living in.

Another decree I must make. Those who went to America, did you receive the Cheong Seung Gyeong book? This must be distributed to every congressman. It is the Holy Scripture of Heaven. When you die, you will see whether what I say is True or not. How can you do this if you are not educated. Some of you here denied the spirit world. Now you are realizing that it is true. Now you are believing in me.

What if a war breaks out between North and South? What would you do? I can stop this from happening. I have been treated like a heretic. I know God.

What kind of age has come? This is the age of victory for Rev. Moon. What will happen in the spirit world? All who opposed in the spirit world will apologize to me. Then they will advertise strongly on the earth to rectify their wrong. From this day forth I have to proclaim a new day. The day of victory has come.

Many plotted against me. Why didn't they get me? Because God warns me when they're coming and then I move. I can sense where the danger is. I know immediately what is coming.

299 congressmen must receive the Cheong Seung Gyeong. Add 61 for 360 people. If the congressmen participate in Hoon Dok Hae it will change Korea. Where are you from? Cholla do. Then you must come to Hoon Dok hae and read the Holy Scriptures with me. Do you pledge to do this? (the top leader said yes!!).

Again, Father asked for Mrs. Eum to speak concerning her relationship with her husband in the spirit world. "My husband picks me up in a limousine from the spirit world. We drive around for the day and he then smiles and waves goodbye. Our relationship is so real. The spirit world is totally real. I hope that you distinguished guests can appreciate the great chance you are having to meet Father Moon. (Then she sang).

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