Unification News for January 2005

The 38th True God's Day - True Father's Speech after Midnight Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2005 - Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

The internal kingdom of heaven, the external kingdom of heaven - Cheon Il Guk is a nation where two persons become one. Mind and body become one, man and woman become one, and parent and child become one. Internal means God and external means True Parents. If you undo this phrase it becomes "the era of the kingdom of cosmic peace and unity." Cheon Il Guk is the peace kingdom but the internal world of Cheon Il Guk did not perfect itself. It can be perfected through the external world of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, since the body is external, and since heaven and earth were completely destroyed, heaven and earth must be combined through the body. Thus, I am speaking of internal and external Cheon Il Guk. Heaven and earth in the cosmos have not achieved peace and unity. No pairs in the world of creation have become one. The advent of the era of the kingdom of cosmic peace and unity has begun. How? The era of the kingship of Cheon Il Guk calls upon the spiritual ancestors. For four years they could not fulfill their duty as filial children to True Parents. Not only that, they did not become a family of the filial son. The earth has to be arranged to rid the history of bitter anguish called indemnity by representing the family of the filial son, the family of the patriots representing the nation, the family of the divine sons and daughters worldwide, and the family of the divine sons and daughters representing heaven and earth. Only by doing so can the internal kingdom of cosmic peace and unity be created where two become one to reverse the wrong. As the ancestors, the spirit world would not have been able to receive the blessing. Yet because of True Parents they received the blessing on earth. In the era before heaven, the descendants who received the blood of the archangel went to the spirit world and became the ancestors, but to them the blessing was eternally impossible for them. Yet, True Parents came to this earth, and went beyond the nation and world.

Based on the laws of indemnity, Father lost his children, four sons and daughters, and Eve. Because the history of indemnity remained in restoring Adam, Jesus and the family of the second coming that was lost, Father had to complete 40 generations in his lifetime, turn this earth upside down, establish the kingship of peace, the world of unity, and go beyond Mother's 60th birthday around the time of the second 40-year course, by the time she becomes 62 years of age. In the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, when Mother went beyond her 60th year, hereafter man becomes the number three, woman becomes the number four. When they become one and establish a family, the number seven is made.

In Adam's family there are eight people: the grandfather-grandmother couple, the father-mother couple, the couples of his siblings, and the couples of his children. Noah's family consisted of eight people. This was all divided and became separate. They all could not stand before heaven. Hence, this had to be indemnified, and the origin of liberation could not begin without going beyond the number, 7, 8, 9, all the way to 12, centering on the number 8.

Thus, in defiance of indescribable pain I died and was resurrected and survived the jaws of death, overcoming a position like the time God prevented the knife from striking Isaac when he was offered as a sacrifice. All of you, who have yet to fulfill your duty as a child, patriot, saint, and divine sons and daughters, should complete your duty as children and all blessed membersť. It is not the age of the family. Centering on the sons and daughters you should create families of filial children, families of patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters representing Father and the parent who stands as the representative that connected a single line, a blood lineage in which you as individuals, who stand on this global stage, must not die in your lifetime but find that which was lost in the Garden of Eden. On top of the foundation of liberation and complete freedom, which True Parents can champion in this heaven and earth that has no boundaries in any family, nation or any place, your families, nations and the heaven and earth must become a liberated heaven and earth connected to the lineage of love. Please remember that only then can the kingdom of heaven on earth, and in heaven be liberated, and the era of peace can come where we can glorify a reign of peace restored and complete while attending God. Therefore "I" am the one who perfects the kingdom of cosmic peace and unity, and "I" am the one who perfects the kingship of Cheon Il Guk. In others words, it is each of our families. Therefore, centered on the pledge, our family pledge is not something that Father or God recites. You should know that it is a pledge that your family should recite. Since Father prepared everything through the family pledge, even though it visits 12 nations as I conveyed to you, as I arranged it, without delay, going beyond race and 12 locations a day, it is like a resting place of the family of unfallen Adam, where God can stretch His legs, explain Himself, and you can say that you will prepare to attend Him even if He lives with you for three years. It goes beyond the nation, thus there is no Korea, Japan or America. How to establish this is by going beyond the position of the completion of the Cheon Il Guk ideal. I ask you to keep this in mind.

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