Unification News for January 2005

The 38th True God's Day - Morning Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2005 - 7AM - Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth International Training Center

NOTE: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. Even if they were notes from an English speaker to an English speaking person taking notes, there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore, these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through national headquarters memos, and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still, even with careful translation, much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.)

Father and Mother then sat down in their regular chairs and called for Rev. Kwak to read True Father's True God's Day message of 2003, in which Father proclaimed the Peace Kingdom.

Rev. Kwak read the message and Father stood up and spoke:

Let's see what kind of people are here today. How many people are new here? I wanted some new people to come from America. Leaders shouldn't think of their own birthdays or anything personal; they should do the will of God. When I say mobilize, mobilize.

What direction should you go from here? You must know clearly two things from now: First, you must stand in the position of a king. Knowing God and how precious the Coronation for God's Kingship is, you must stand in the position of the true son and daughter. Second, you must understand how fearful blood lineage is.

What do you bring? Money? Power? The talents of a congressman? These are not where your value lies. Your value is your ability to liberate the heart of God.

How about Japan? You must completely break through so that the water and blessing will flow. Japan has many active women. You are in the position of a global mother. Did God create human beings starting from man or woman? What if I told you that it started from woman? It would be revolutionary. Do you Japanese think man or woman is more important? You think woman is more important. Here is Rev. Oyamada, a small mountain head. How about the national messiah to Burma (he is originally American citizen from Canada- his ancestors are Estonian), would you want to be born as a woman?

Why are men and women important? Which one is more important? Women have a concave part that is deep and very important. How about men? Who climbs Mt. Everest: mainly men or women? Men. Why? Look at this group from Japan. So many women came; there are hardly any men. (To one sister seeing Father for the first time:) Who are you? I asked members to come from Japan but why so many? Hmm, mysterious. Who likes something higher and challenging? If you answered men, you are right. You have to catch the meaning of my words quickly. There is a famous story in Japan concerning Urashima Taro, who went to an undersea kingdom. I'm talking about these things because I want to draw out the true Japanese. The deepest depth of the Pacific Ocean is more than 11,000 meters. Men like to go to high places, but women like to go deep. In the past, Japanese used to hold the world record in diving. Are there any Japanese here who want to go into the deep waters? If so, come up!

How old is the earth estimated to be? Six billion years? How can you welcome whatever comes in a year of your life? I am always doing exercises. You must work out. When I was young I always worked out.

(As he spoke, Father made many comments about the people in the congregation. Suddenly he said to one sister:) You should consider making a different face when looking at me! My eyes are small and like a camera: they take an instant snap shot and I can understand much about a person.

(Then he stopped at one person and said:) You have good fortune for money. Then to everyone: Do you want to be nameless or famous? The opposite of famous is nameless.

(Father walked all the way back to the back:) How about this person? Where is your wife? Your wife is very smart, isn't she? (Yes.)

Look at my face. How long does it take for you to commit my face to memory? Will you remember it for 10 years? It is more important to look at me directly than to take my picture. You should know my face so that you remember it for eternity.

(Father then sang "What do you think happiness is?" with the Japanese. He called on a Japanese man, a western man, and a Korean woman to sing. The Korean who sang, Mrs. Eum, was married to Father's chief of security, the Korean national messiah to Greece. She gave a beautiful testimony about her spouse who passed away five years ago. He had an important mission and was connected to the heart of True Parents. She said, "When he became ill and passed on, it felt natural that he had been called to the spirit world for another mission. After 40 days he appeared and lectured about the course that everyone goes in the spirit world. When I sing or when I experience the blessing I feel that he comes to me. That is why I feel such joy in singing." She sang several Korean folk songs. Father was deeply engaged and joined in when he could. What a wonderful True Father and Mother we have! They gave us so much love on this True God's Day. The world is in turmoil, but in God's house there is peace. Rev. Kim, the continental director based in the Philippines, came forward and sang. He reported that our members in the region were protected from the grave disaster. )

Father continued:

We must come to the conclusion now. What is the most important thing to God? Blood lineage. The most tragic thing was that the blood lineage was destroyed at the fall. Without life and love you cannot have lineage. Without lineage, life and love will flow away. If there is a true lineage, true love and true life can continue and multiply eternally. The seeds will grow, and you will see a big harvest. So the son and daughter were to create true love, true life and true lineage.

If the lineage is cut off, then love and life are cut off and God is cut off. Lineage started where God exists. God wants a legacy of true love, true life and true lineage. Instead, there was no place for God. The false lineage is the lineage of the adulterer. Everything went into darkness, and man didn't even know what happened. Where could God find them? The enemy occupied the lineage, life and love. God was like a scarecrow. What if you were in that state? You would be so pitiful.

From the darkness, God had to raise up a bride and a bridegroom until they could reach the highest summit and create the explosion of love with the greatest power -- brighter than lightning and mightier than thunder. Like lightning and thunder coming together, God's joy would have exploded at that point.

How can we restore the fall and the resultant bloodshed? Through going the way of blessing and marrying the enemy. God loves it when enemies marry each other, but Satan hates it. Jesus taught us clearly to love our enemy. This brings the greatest fortune and most rapid restoration of enemies in the world.

(Father then talked very seriously to the Japanese leaders and members.)

Jesus was to be king of Cheon Il Guk at the age of 40. If Protestants and Catholics could have united after World War II, I would have established Cheon Il Guk at 40 years of age.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang! (Yes.) Who came with you? (Michael Jenkins.) Michael Jenkins. Come here! Michael Jenkins can stay where he is now because he doesn't speak Korean. Dr. Yang, you and your wife should come to the front. You look like you lost weight. Your wife is more beautiful than you are handsome !!

Dr. Yang, you must lead the education of all the religious leaders (8,000 and more), until all are equalized. Do you know how serious it is in the Middle East? You must push forward, and then key leaders from America and the whole world will support you. The Crown of Peace ceremonies and all the conditions are made in order to establish peace.

A great migration is coming, a time of offering. We will hold a lottery to see if you should give one tenth, two tenths or three tenths. You must offer what you draw. You will be lost if you don't follow. A great migration is coming.

I am a very serious man. In the future those who stain the lineage will have no way to go. Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim can see everyone who stained the lineage, and they can decide the course that has to be followed. The most serious thing is not to stain the lineage. The key to protect the lineage is to love your enemy and liberate 30 to 40 enemies by going through eight stages of living and sacrificing for your enemy. I did this. I blessed saints with the evil people as a way to overcome evil. If you do this, the walls of Jericho will come crashing down.

I know well the strategy of the satanic world. There is always a way to solve problems. First, you must lay the conditions and then restore the result. In the next four years, from 2005 to 2008, the ancestors will pour down on the earth. If they feel you are not moving the lineage toward the will of heaven, they may take you to the spirit world. If you commit sin you must set conditions so that your enemies will not accuse you. If descendents are blocking the way of the ancestors, they will be taken by their ancestors to the spirit world. Some people who did whatever they liked got cancer and went to the spirit world.

I heard of one Japanese member who sacrificed so much by wearing the same underwear for years. The leaders of the Unification Church must also understand this kind of standard. I will not use public material for private purposes. You must understand the standard clearly. When you set a goal, you should be so focused that you cannot sleep.

Unificationists should marry between ages 18 to 24. All lineages have been stained, and they must be cleared up. I left the matching up to the parents for the last five years, and they tried to marry their sons and daughters to famous people. Do you think I would do this? If you use your money to buy from your enemy at twice the price, you will be blessed many times over.

From 1/10 to 3/10 will be offered, based on your assets. Do you understand the total living sacrifice? If you stay in Cheon Il Guk successfully for four years, then ownership can be transferred to you. After I receive your donations, I will not touch them.

Each country has to build a commemorative place. Not just one person but all Ambassadors for Peace should contribute. If the Ambassadors for Peace in Korea don't do something, then other ambassadors won't either.

When you die you should not die with assets. They should all be given to others. I shared everything I had among the members. Sometimes I need to rest, but to establish the tradition of heaven and leave a way for generations to come, I must leave a WILL and a way to go. Therefore, we must quickly make the Holy Scripture, the Cheong Seong Gyeong, which contains heavenly law.

Feel a passion to pray for the mistakes of all mankind. At Cheong Pyeong, report the things that you have done even a long ago. If a crime is committed, it is connected to all the relatives as well. All of you, from the rich to the poor, must start tithing 1/10. Do this for 12 years. Ancestors can cause much suffering and trouble, but you can avoid this by obeying my direction. In ancient times, when one person made a mistake, the whole tribe would be destroyed. The first generation of Israelites died in the wilderness because of the failure of one person.

I am speaking today to give you my last will. You must create your last will and testament and create your legacy.

Once a year we will draw lots. No matter how rich you are, a 1/10 tithe must be offered. Next year it could be 3/10. Over the next four years, you must draw lots for this. The leaders shall not touch this fund but keep this 1/10 tithe in a new account. Donations are more frightening than poison. When we buy clothes I take my sons to an ordinary market. If you have hint of shame, you will perish, but those who do well will be blessed. Today we must make that pledge.

The wife of Jesus, please stand up. This is Jesus' wife. If you hang a picture of her in your house, Jesus will come to bless you. You should sell these pictures to support Jesus' wife. How wonderful to have pictures of Jesus' wife in your house!

(Then the wives of the religious founders were brought foward and they took an historic picture together with True Parents.)

The morning pledge concluded at 1:30.

At 3:30 we reassembled for the God's Day entertainment. It ended with Kook Jin Nim's and Sun Jin Nim's couple on the stage. Father and Mother got inspired and came and sang for everyone. (several songs). It was glorious and uplifting.

It was God's Day - It was like God's Day 25 years ago.

True Parents seem ageless and timeless. Father is promising that all can be completed through our sincere efforts in the next four years. 2005 - 2008 is the time that we should offer our most sincere and complete dedication. First, Second and even third Generation together.

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