Unification News for January 2005

The 38th True God's Day - Midnight Assembly

by Rev. Jenkins
January 1, 2005 - 12:01 am - Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center

Rev. Kwak came as the MC. Rev. Kwak guided us deeply before True Parents arrived as to the great victory of fourth year of Cheon Il Guk and the attitude of faith and attendance with which we must enter this new 5th year of Cheon Il Guk.

We welcomed True Parents at 11:55 pm. December 31st. Father wore traditional Korean clothes. The jacket was a rich copper color with light colored pants. Mother came with a bright red chima choguri with a blue dress. As True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace entered the applause grew louder and louder. As they were seated the congregation broke into immense shouts of joy and celebration. True Parents are victorious and radiant and vibrant with Life, Love and Happiness. We all offered Kyung Beh. Then all was silent in preparation for the midnight prayer.

True Father's Prayer: ( The exact contents will be translated) Father's prayer was filled with tears. The following is a synopsis. Father prayed that as we close this fourth year of Cheon Il Guk we feel immense gratitude to Heavenly Father for guiding us through the victorious course of 2004.

This Son that is standing here before you knows the immense suffering you went throughout history. How much God searched desperately throughout history to find one True Adam and one True Eve. How much your heart was broken at the fall and at the time of Jesus. How you suffered to find and establish True Parents. (Father cried throughout the prayer profusely - causing True Mother, Rev. Kwak and all in the congregation to weep. It was overwhelming.) Father prayed with a heart of comforting God. He prayed to comfort God that it became necessary for True Parent's children to be sent to the spirit world ahead of them. He also prayed saying how sorry he was and asking forgiveness that as God's Son he was not able to even further hasten the coming of the Kingdom of True Love. (This caused enormous cries and weeping in the congregation - all of us feel repentful that we didn't do enough to end the suffering of humanity and bring the kingdom.) Father also prayed for True Mother thanking God for guiding her in her victorious course.

He said that God knows deeply the incredible importance of True Mother and the internal trial and tribulation she went through in her heart to become the True Mother of humanity. He prayed that God would strengthen her and that she would be able to fulfill all the things that still must be completed in the next four years. He prayed that God would guide the True Family members in their course. Father expressed profound gratitude to God that finally the King and Queen of Peace could be established. He deeply thanked God that as we enter the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk that we remember how grateful we were at the establishment of the 1st year. Now we enter the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk with your Kingdom established. We are grateful that the Coronation and the providential courses of 2004 could be fulfilled centering on the IIFWP. However we realize that we now have the Sovereignty of your kingdom supported by the people and the establishment of the King and Queen of Peace. Now we are seeking the substantial nation for your Kingdom. We now go into this 5th year of Cheon Il Guk with absolute confidence no matter what we might face. We pray that all Blessed Families will truly be guided and blessed by you and will fulfill their responsibility in this coming year.

In the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen, Amen

Wiping away the tears Father wrote the new Motto in beautiful Calligraphy with True Mother by his side. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang carried the ink for the Calligraphy and Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak stood in support.

MOTTO 2005: Let Us Complete the Internal and External Ideal of Cheon Il Guk. (THIS IS NOT FINAL - HQ WILL ISSUE THE OFFICIAL VERSION: Dr. Peter Kim gave this translation - it may be adjusted somewhat but it is correct)

Father spoke briefly.

The Motto that I wrote today centers on Cheon Il Guk in which two becomes one. We must become filial sons and daughters and through this we will unify the internal and external aspects of the Cosmos. The spirit world and the earthly world will be unified through the fulfillment of filial sons and daughters.

Before True Parents blessing all the spirit world could not receive the Blessing. Now the way for blessing was opened up. God lost Adam and Eve at the fall and worked throughout history to establish. The True Parents came and restored this. We are in the second 40 year course now. True Mother's 60th Birthday was a huge providential turning point. Now on her 62nd Birthday even greater advancements will occur. Each family in restoration was established and had to fulfill a suffering course to fulfill the providential conditions. Noah's family, Abraham's family. Just as Abraham offered Isaac with complete heart and then was stopped because of his heart. We families standing here in the same way must accomplish all within our own generations. This is a most serious thing for God's providence. You must offer yourselves and your generations completely until it is complete and accomplished.

Whether you stand from the East or the West doesn't matter. Beyond race God should be able to expand his legs freely. In the next three years we must work until boundaries are not significant anymore. All nations should harmonize as one family.

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