Unification News for January 2005

Official Motto "Let Us Complete the Ideal of the Internal and External Cheon Il Guk"

1. Motto for 2005

Let Us Complete the Ideal of the Internal and External Cheon Il Guk (On the basis of some things Father said at Hoon Dok Hae in the ensuing days which clarified the meaning, this has been revised from one unofficial version that was sent out on True God's Day.)

2. True Father's Speech After Midnight Prayer

1) Explanation of the Motto

The internal kingdom of heaven, the external kingdom of heaven: Cheon Il Guk is a nation where two persons become one. Mind and body become one, man and woman become one, and parent and child become one. Internal () means God and external (~) means True Parents. If you undo this phrase it becomes "the era of the kingdom of cosmic peace and unity." Cheon Il Guk is the peace kingdom, but the internal world of Cheon Il Guk has been unable to perfect itself. It can be perfected through the external world of Cheon Il Guk. Since heaven and earth were completely destroyed, heaven and earth must be combined through the external body. This combined nation is indeed the internal and external Cheon Il Guk.

2) Advent of the Era of the Kingdom of Cosmic Peace and Unity Centering on the sons and daughters, you should create families of filial children, families of patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters representing Father and the parent who stands as the representative that connected a single line, a blood lineage in which you as individuals, who stand on this global stage, must not die in your lifetime but find that which was lost in the Garden of Eden. On top of the foundation of liberation and complete freedom - which True Parents can champion in this heaven and earth and which has no boundaries in any family, nation or any place - your families, nations, and heaven and earth must become a liberated heaven and earth connected to the lineage of love. Please remember that only then can the kingdom of heaven on earth, and in heaven be liberated, and the era of peace come wherein we can glorify a reign of peace restored and complete while attending God. Therefore "I" am the one who perfects the kingdom of cosmic peace and unity, and "I" am the one who perfects the kingship of Cheon Il Guk.

3. The Pledge Service and Commemorative Service

1) Two Things that God Wants to Establish

(1) Lineage

We lost God's lineage. Since the lineage was changed, the most important thing-- more than love and more than life-- is God's lineage. This lineage does not emerge without love and without life. Lineage is something that likes to be together with these three things. The seed of true love, the body of true love, is inside the lineage, connected with the lineage. On top of the lineage, God's ideal family and ideal nation emerges. Without such a lineage, love goes away and life goes away completely. Only when the lineage remains can that which was loved remain. The lineage is the original fruit that allows the body of a wife or father - whom life has affection for - to live and move. The lineage is the fruit of love, the fruit of life and the fruit of joy, created willingly by the parents.

God cultivates the soil in the Garden of Eden in order to harvest the crops in Autumn. God's ideal was to let the flower of true love, true life, and true lineage bloom through His sons and daughters and to raise them up as the owners of eternal love, the owners of eternal life, and the owners of eternal lineage.

(2) Ownership

God was going to transfer His entire ownership to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after their marriage, but as they fell before that day, Satan came to take ownership.

Completely loving one's enemy is the way to find these two people who were lost. The ownership can be circulated in that position of love, enabling us to welcome the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, which heralds the era of the liberation on this earth and in heaven. Now all the ancestors in the spirit world are blessed, and the spirit world and physical world will eternally and completely continue within God's era of liberation of the equal kingdom of heaven of peace. This begins today.

2) Instructions

(1) Inter-cultural and Inter-racial (Kyocha) Marriage

You have to have inter-cultural and inter-racial marriages. The more we have such marriages between enemies, the more it creates an axis. No one will be able to take that apart. God will look at this in joy and Satan will look at this in sorrow. After having children in your families, you should educate them to seek and love the enemy, and become a representative of God and True Parents for eternity. Then the kingdom of that nation will become the nation you raise. God is doing such things, and True Parents are pioneering the way for such things.

Love your enemy more than your sons and daughters. There is hope in that place. There is no hope in places where you just privately love each other.

(2) Restoration Through Indemnity Fund

a. To Whom it Pertains: All blessed families and members

b. Meaning: In the age of the peace kingdom, we should establish a condition of having offered everything to heaven in accordance to the original order of creation of myself (family) and from all our individual (family) possessions. This offering will be used in building the new nation of heaven.

c. Lots will be drawn, indicating an offering of one tenth, two tenths or three tenths.

d. Amount of donation: According to the lot drawn, one tenth, two tenths or three tenths of one's total assets should be offered.

e. Deadline: By March 31, 2005

f. Method of offering: Each nation should receive and safely keep all the offered funds until further directions are given. On the 30th day of each month, a report of the total amount should be made to the continental headquarters, and the continental headquarters will report the total amount for each nation to the international headquarters.

(3) Preparation for a Great Migration

Now the time has come for you all to leave your hometown. Now you do not have a nation to which you belong. You must seek the original fatherland.

(4) Prepare to Welcome Your Ancestors and the Good Spirits

You have to call your ancestors and give the blessing to the spirit world. Now is the time to call your ancestors. You are the center of three ages. You control the path of the ancestors and descendants. Your ancestors will begin to come down from January 3. As blessed families you must all devote yourselves completely so that your ancestors can return and fully cooperate with you to achieve God's will.

22nd Day of Victory of Love

The 22nd Day of Victory of Love began with Hoon-sook nim and Shin-chul nim lighting the candles and offering a bow to Heung-jin nim. On the occasion of the Day of Victory of Love on January 2, in this time of God's fatherland and Era of Peace Kingdom, Father spoke earnestly and gave guidance to members.

Everything will be over once we find the lineage and ownership. The eternal world where this has been resolved and to which we head for the original homeland is the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. The responsibility in the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk to call for the spirit world, to embrace it within the realm of your clan, to bless them, to organize them into families and to send them off again, must be fulfilled as a task undertaken in place of the living Jesus and in place of the Lord of the Second Coming. You should be aware that if you fail to do this, your path will not open. In commemoration of the ascension of Heung-jin, you should know the amazing fact that the things I said some twenty years ago are related to our time today.

Centering on the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, we held the crowning of the king of peace on the foundation of the realm transcending religion and nation. What remains now is to change the satanic lineage of the Mongolian people - as a lineage, not a race - to that of God.

You are, as the Family Pledge states, families that are "the owner of Cheon Il Guk." You are all the owners of Cheon Il Guk. God is the owner and True Parents are also the owner. The most important thing is the fact that God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation and you are the third generation. Since you are the third generation, you today were raised as the fruit of the traditional, internal and external reality of God, the traditional, internal and external reality of the parents as the second generation, and the internal-external reality connecting with the traditional thought system of the fourth generation centered on the third generation. This must unite, going beyond the third generation, even to the fourth. In that place there is only one beginning of the nation and culture. There are no fallen traces of Japan, Korea and the United States in that place; only the nation of the resurrected people of your ancestors - the nation and culture of one's homeland. The source of prosperity in all things will be found in the fact that you all stand in this glorious position, and the true realm of three generations become blessed families as they attend the True Parents on earth.

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