Unification News for January 2005

Holy Wedding of the Second Generation in the New Era of the Interreligious and International Peace Kingdom Federation for Cheon Il Guk.

Chang Shik Yang
East Garden December 26, 2004

Blessing Address Rev. Dr. Chang Shik Yang Chairman - Holy Wedding of Second Generation in North America

Distinguished leaders and guests representing all the world. To the precious young couples from throughout America, Europe, Asia and all continents who have gathered here to participate in this Holy Blessing ceremony. It is my privilege to address you today on the occasion of the Second Generation Holy Wedding Ceremony. This blessing is the coming together of absolutely pure young representatives of the Second Generation of Blessed Central Families.

On December 13th of this year our True Parents were affirmed by the Worldıs Religious leaders representing the Abel world and the Worldıs Political leaders representing the Cain world as the King and Queen of Peace for all Humanity. This historic and victorious Coronation opened the way for a new stage of the path to the Kingdom of God on Earth which we call Cheon Il Guk.

To expand that providence True Parents, on December 17th established a new dispensational organization called The Interreligious International Federation for the Peace Kingdom for Cheon Il Guk. (IIFPK CG) This new organization is a global alliance of leaders of nations, religions and the institutions of civil society, dedicated to building a world of freedom, harmony, cooperation, co-prosperity and freedom and peace based on absolute faith, true love and God-centeredness.

IIFPK affirms several core values. The first is God-centeredness, namely, an attitude and disposition of complete responsiveness to the will of God as the ultimate reality and origin of true love. The essence of true love is living for the sake of others, and this is the second core value and guiding principle of the IIFPK. The third core value is that the sanctity of marriage and family are the sacred cornerstones of the Peace Kingdom. The Blessing today is the substantial embodiment and of this third and central core value of all ­ the sanctity and holiness of marriage and family. This is Godıs Ideal and Principle.

This blessing of pure young second generation is now being offered to heaven to set the standard for the future families of the Kingdom of God. These couples who were directly matched and guided by our True Parents are here exhibiting Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience toward the power of God working directly through our True Parents to create a new world based on Ideal families.

Through this ceremony today, with the support of Jesus and the saints from spiritual world, these precious couples will receive the Blessing from True Parents whereby you may become spouses of eternal true love. True Parents have taught that the family is the beginning point and root of love, life and character. The family is the school of True Love.

The blessing based on the providence of restoration which is also the providence of salvation. Because of the fall the first human ancestors were not able to fulfill their responsibility to become a True Family and embodiment of Godıs Ideal. They fell by entering into a relationship of false love and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. They could never receive the blessing. From this moment, the central path to restore that fall has been through the blessing of marriage. This substatial restoration of Godıs Ideal through the blessing was brought forth through True Parents.

Therefore, Blessed Marriage is the most precious desire of all humanity. The series of Blessed Marriage Ceremonies started with three just three families in 1960 and now has extended and been supported by hundreds of millions of couples of all races and religions. As the scriptures prophesied ­ through the blessing all are being engrafted to the True Olive Tree. Today this holy Blessing of marriage is taking place with the second generation who are descendants of already blessed families who represent the blood lineage of heaven. Therefore these young people are truly walking the path that Adam and Eve would have walked in they had not fallen. The path to create the image of God ­ male and female through the blessing of marriage. These blessings are based on the concept of the ³exchange² marriage in which marriages are created by heaven as an act of bringing historical enemies together beyond race and culture thus dissolving the root of division in history. This Blessing extends not only to this physical world. True Parentsı grace now extends to the spirit world where our ancestors also participate in the Blessing. A cultural revolution of heart and true love, which did not exist before in history, is now taking place.

Today is particularly important because True Parents are conducting this blessing as the King and Queen of Peace. This means that through this blessing today the Peace Kingdom can be substantially expanded centering on the King and Queen of Peace. This blessing is a Peace Kingdom blessing and will be a cornerstone for the new era leading to Cheon Il Guk or the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth.

Together on this day, we open the way for all humanity to enter the Peace Kingdom. This is the fulfillment of the Prophesies of the Scriptures that one day the Lion will lay down with the Lamb. The ideal of the true love of God applies not only to the physical world on earth but to the spiritual world in heaven. True love is eternal. Today we affirm True Love based on True Family.

This is a great and historic day in heaven and on earth. May Godıs grace be with you, your spouse, your children, and your nation.

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