Unification News for January 2005

True Godís Day In New York

David Eaton

The Womenís Federation for World Peace, USA and the New York City Symphony presented a special True Godís Day Family Celebration held in the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center on January 1, 2005. The concept of renewing the tradition of celebrating our churchís high holy days in a grand manner was a the heart of the motivation for producing the event.

The program, organized as a benefit for both WFWP and the New York City Symphony, highlighted several talented Second Generation performers including Jena Eisenberg (CA), Kia Victoria (DC), The United Family of Strings (GA), Misako Sato, Chris Alan and Aurelia Derflinger (NJ) as well as Culture Machine producer Diego Costa and newly commissioned Ambassador for Peace, Laleh.

Music on the program included the Chris Alan and Laleh performing "On Common Ground" which was the featured song at the Washington Times Foundation Breakfast Summit on December 13 and Jena Eisenbergís "In Godís Eyes," an award winning song in the 2004 IIFWP Peace Song Writing Contest CD.

The finale of the program was the WFWP Bridge of Peace Ceremony in which dozens of couples crossed the bridge in the spirit of love and peace.

Door prizes included an XBox, a Mini Ipod and a home theater sound system.

The sponsoring organizations donated a part of the ticket proceeds and the concession receipts to the Tsunami disaster relief effort.

WFWP is producing a DVD of the event and it is the hope of WFWP and NYC Symphony to continue the tradition of presenting cultural events on church holy days with an emphasis on Second Generation performers.

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