Unification News for December 2004

Football Festival In Goa For World Peace:

Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide. And, to spread the message of peace there can be no other medium better than sports and that too football, which is a game for all castes, creed, rich or poor alike.

The World Association for Non Government Organisation (WANGO) recently organized World Peace Football Festival in Goa in association with Sadguru Parwadeshwar Maharaj Sanskriti Mahasamiti.

"We have been doing this work for almost 20 years. We have been affiliated to WANGO, which is the world organisation and an association of non-governmental organisation. Their main aim is to spread the message of love and peace through culture and sports. Recently in Seoul in South Korea, one such program was held in a large scale where in it was decided that similar programs will be held in different parts of the World," said Dilip Salgaonkar, Organizer of World Peace Football Festival.

Sadguru Parwadeshwar Maharaj of Sanskriti Mahasamiti expressed eagerness to spread the message of peace throughout the world and at the same time explained the reason for organizing the event. "There is no caste and creed differentiation in games. There is only love that exists. And for bringing peace to this world, we have organised this sports festival," said Parwadeshwar Maharaj, Organizer of World Peace Football Festival.

According to Taj Hamad, Secretary General of WANGO, peace cannot be created by people waiting but by the people acting. He also said that peace is a process, which starts from every individual and is a responsibility of every individual, which requires energy and effort.

"The sports festival is to help people think about peace and how together they can create peace among themselves as players and among community as a whole and ultimately in the world," said Taj Hamad.

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