Unification News for December 2004

In Memory of Lady Dr. Kim

By Dr. Cherng J. Guh, 2004/11/23

Her Name

"Shin Wook" means "Faith Sunrise". She ascended on 2004/11/16 at her age of 90, and True Father wrote a calligraphy on 2004/11/19 with the words of: "Attendance to Faith and Attendance to Heaven..". I believe her new life/career in the new Heavenly realm is definitely rising with absolute faith and attendance.

Her name appeared to us many times in 1970ís when I was one of the early members in Taiwan. Through her guidance and instruction, we had done at least 3 spiritual liberation ceremonies at the individual, tribal, and national levels.

Besides True Parents, she is the one whose example and words I shared and quoted most to inspire members and myself in our life of faith.

Her Life

I didnít know much about the details of the sacrifice and sufferings of her life course, however, I can tell from her profound insight and wisdom into the issues we proposed. She told me that she had 7 operations before, and was not afraid of being cut again. Her profession is the same as mine-Obstetrician & Gynecologist, she had delivered over 5,000 new babies, among them, 5 are True Children. And she said that later, True Parents gave her a ring as a special gift. She immigrated into America as a missionary

pretty early in 1971, first True Father wished her to become an Ob-Gyn. doctor in the U.S., later assigned her the title and mission of a "spiritual doctor". And she had been doing an excellent job on spiritual counseling with her whole heart and soul ever since.

First Impression

Before meeting her, the image of her in my mind was such like a "spiritual giant", pushing us to fast or making some tough conditions. I first met her in New York in 1989, and during the spiritual workshop and ancestral liberation ceremony time in California in 1991, I served as her assistant. The true image and real impression of her was: She is a great lady, yet short and slender; she is powerful, yet humble; wise, yet humorous. I was supposed to fast to help the spiritual work, but when she heard that I was fasting, she advised me not to, and immediately shared half of her dinner with me.

Her Lifestyle

Her lifestyle was an excellent example of "living for the sake of others". She is always serving members and guests. While she lived in New Yorker hotel in 1990ís,

I sometimes stayed with her all day long, and witnessed her beautiful heart and acts of attendance to others. If the visitors came in near the meal time, she must treat them a nice meal; what if itís the time between the meals? Yes, of course, she would serve them tea and snacks. She moved very fast, in no time there was something ready to serve. So I really appreciated and learned from her the great way of loving people through "service with heart". However, she was very smart, too. For example, if she stayed up late last night, she would put a sign on the board of her room (named "Heavenly Woman Speaking Garden"天如苑) saying that guests will be recepted e.g. after10:am. so that she would not be overstretched in the next day.

How to be a Great Spiritual Master

I never asked her this question directly, yet I got the answer from her deeds and words:

1. Live a principle life, the title she asked the subject to do the ancestral liberation ceremony was: "principle man", and she is always a "principle lady", i.e. not only speak the Divine Principle, but also live the Divine Principle.

2. Serving others, and being humble, she is always like that.

3. Living for the sake of others, she is a living example of it.

Prior to the Cheong Pyeong Providence centering on Dae Mo Nim (since 1995/1/19), Lady Dr. Kim had played an important role on the issues regarding the ancestors and spirit world. Now she has ascended into a higher realm in where she can work more freely for God, True Parents, and the brothers/sisters she loved so dearly. I wish her all the very best on her new journey, and want to thank her again for her heartfelt visit to my house in Queens in 1995 during my familyís hardest time.

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