Unification News for December 2004

Chun IL Guk Holy Wine ceremony for the NPD participants in Antelope Valley!

I find National Parents Day as an excellent tool to reach out to my community, Christian pastors, Synagogues and even the City officials. This year, I planed for the NPD event six months in advance. Because I was new in the Antelope valley/Kern county area, I needed more time to get to know my way around.

Every week I visited different Christian churches and I get to know the pastors of each church. Then I attended the Ministerial Alliances in my city. Soon I become a member of Ministerial Alliances, using NPD as my ministry!

Then I was asked by the president of the Ministerial Association to give a talk about NPD. I presented Parents Day as a project of American Family Coalition, but I read a summery of True parents sermons to them!

In April, I had an opportunity to meet Mayor Frank Roberts, the mayor of the city of Lancaster. He was invited to my art show because he was the friend of the gallery owner. As Mayor came to talk to me-I was the artist; I introduced him to my NPD event, asking him to be the honorary chairman for the next year. Mayor Roberts was delighted to be our honorary chairman for NPD 2005.

Soon I met Helen Denis a dedicated Christian at California City Art commission. She loved my art works and became a supporter of my art. She has been Mayor Larry Adams sectary for many years. I introduced her to NPD. She put me in, for the next City council meeting to present Parents Day and ask Mayor Larry Adams to be the chairman for NPD 2004. Mayor accepted it with pleasure and he also recognized Parent’s Day publicly, by issuing a proclamation.

Also we received public recognition of Parents Day through proclamations and resolution from the other major cities of Palmdale, Tehachapi, Senator Bill Maze, Senator Barbara Boxer, Roy Ashburn and etc.

In May I started to travel across the Antelope valley. It took me two hours and half around trip to go from one city to the next to visit churches and invite their participation for the Parents Day. I needed church choir, piano player, singer, performances and Master of ceremony, in addition to the nomination committee and etc.

I was hoping to get few other Christian church’s involve in assisting me for the event. Since I was all alone and pioneering this project single handedly.

I continue visiting churches in Bakersfield, Quarts hill, Mojave, Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosamond, California City and etc. It was very expensive to travel for hours and gas also was very expensive. But I knew that this is God’s will and He would provide for His projects. Besides, God had already provided me everything I needed.

In June, I got five churches to participate but still they could not lend me their Minister of Music. So I had to find a piano player and a choir. I continued visiting more churches in other cities. Weather was very hot and my car had no air condition. Every evening after I return from my church visitation. I would be sick due to heat.

But I would not give up. Often at night God would give me dreams to communicate with me or direct me. I came to be very close to God and learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit in this pioneering season of my life.

Antelope valley and Kern County is very spread out and far out there. It is less populated than La county and crime rate is way lower, and less noise and pollution. But it takes longer to travel because the cities are larger .It took me hours to travel across from Bakersfield to calcity and to Lancaster and etc. Therefore, I had to rely upon God to give me a pioneering spirit of faith and endurance.

Eventually, I met a very dedicated nice music Minister, Jacqueline Frost, from the church of Nazarene in Mojave who accepted to travel to Calcify and lead the music in NPD event. And the Solid Rock Baptist church would send some of her teen choir.

The director of Parks and recreations of Cal City agreed to wave the fee for the use of the facilities for NPD event. California City sports arena is located at the heart of the beautiful and calm golf course, sitting at the edge of the lake. That’s where 2004 national Parent Day award ceremony was held. Parents /grandparents/Great grandparents/ teachers/students/ model businesses and best employee of the year was held in Antelope Valley on July 25 this year.

My efforts were to get every one in the community involved not just those who are parents. My main agenda was to inform the public about the True Parenthood of God and God centered families. For that reason, This year Parent’s Day was different from every other year. Because, I wanted to share True Parents blessings with my community. So NPD was a golden opportunity for this high cause. So I planned a Chun Il Guk holy wine ceremony for all the participants in the end of the program. I had the CIG seed wine I got the pure grape juice and multiplied the wine and bought the small cups to pour the Holy wine them. Still I did not have any family member confirmed to help me for the CIG ceremony. But One thing I knew absolutely. That this event and the wine ceremony was God’ will and I knew He would bring me helpers.

Mayor Larry Adams (who has a big family of 22, including his children and grandchildren) was the honorary chairman. Master of Ceremony was Pastor Clifford Carter from the church of Emmanuel who is also a chaplain in La County. The National anthem was sung by Sergeant Ceressiah Rahe, a sergeant from North Edward Air force. The pledged of Allegiance was recited by Sr. Master Robert Price.

We had the children’s martial Arts demonstration that melted every one’ heart. A good combination of children of different ethnicity grades 4 to eight. Their demonstration was a drug and alcohol awareness for the school and middle school age group. It was an awesome choreography well disciplined worthy of recognition. Their teacher Katy O’Brien who was a recipient of the outstanding teacher Award was the one who had designed and executed the wonderful choreography of marshal art performance.

The Parents of the year were officer Linda Lunsfordand her husband nominated by the police department and grand parents of the year were pastor Kathryn and Ries Effort , pastor of the Christian Trinity church was nominated by the city hall. Great grandparents of the year were Ollie and James Vermilions nominated by the radio station in Lancaster. Jonah Jones, the outstanding student of the year was nominated by the Trinity Christian church. The choir was from the solid Rock Baptist church. Outstanding Business of the was the founder of Beverly medical center, Beverly Thorbus, from the Seven Day Adventist in Mojave. Earlier this year she has been a recipient of an Award from President Bush.

Proclamations for the public awareness of NPD from the cities of Palmdale, Lancaster, Tehachapi and California City was presented accompanied by resolution issued from the congressional offices of Senator Roy Ashburn, Bill maze, Senator Barbara boxer were presented.

Closing remarks was presented by Isabelle Davati. The closing remarks was a combination of True mother and Rev. Kwak’s speech. It was designed to addressed the sanctity of marriage and God centered families from all faiths. It was designed to prepare people to understand and declare God as the True Parents of humankind and celebrate God-Centered families.

My expectation from God came true. At the right time, Katrin McCarthy came with two family members, the Moors and the Fandsons. I thank God for sending them right on time. So the two family members dished out the Holy wine, With the assistance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit and True parents, we could round up the audience into a circle and put couples together in order to share their cup of the Chun IL Guk holy wine.

Even the Mayor and the Air force officials drank the CIG wine. It was awesome. I was amazed how God had worked out everything, even all the details for this ceremony to be an absolute victory.

I thank Katrin McCarthy for her assistance and the Moore ‘s and the Fandsons’s.

The NPD proclamations (from different cities in Antelope Valley) and the resolutions from the congressional delegates are now displaying at the city hall in California City for the next thirty days to raise public awareness of NPD and emphasis on family values. Thanks to Mayor Larry Adams and his secretary Helen Denis and the Mojave Desert News for its wonderful publicity and news oriented agenda.

Isabelle S. Davati

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