Unification News for December 2004

Hyun-Jin Nim's Speaking Tour

November 25-30, 2004 - Korea

With the theme of "Owner of creation of culture of heart", Hyun-jin nim's speaking tour started in Korea and will continue in Japan. Hyun-jin nim went to every corner of Korea, bringing power and understanding that has helped inspirea new determination in all members.

Hyun-jin nim's speaking tour in Korea and Japan has a very deep providential meaning for the members and blessed couples on the way to build the Cheon Il Guk. As a true child, he is in a position to establish the culture of the unification family and internal foundation for core members in the era of total mobilization to build Cheon Il Guk till the end of the year 2004, the first year of the time after the coming of heaven.

A performance from "Color of Love" created a beautiful atmosphere of true love for all the participants. After that a video presentation about Hyun-jin nim and his "core values" movement was presented, which was followed by his entrance to the main hall. Prayer, an offering of flowers , and a welcoming message opened the way for Hyun-jin nim to come to the stage and embrace all the participants with his wide- open arms. Rev. Chung-hwan Kwak , Rev. Sun-jo Hwang and some other elders accompanied him, and with their deep and heartfelt prayers and welcoming messages supported him in this providential speaking tour.

Rev. Hwang said in his welcoming address in Busan that the important roots to open the new era are True Parents, True Family and True Children. He said through this rally we can connect ourselves to the providential tradition and so we have to be educated by Hyun-jin nim on the foundation of heart and expectation of God's providence --the kind of attitude we should have as a people who open the kingdom of peace.

Hyun-jin nim came to the podium with hearty applause and cheers. He said that he met many different people in the many countries of the world but their heart is same everywhere, so we can confirm that God created all human being with true love.

Emphasizing the importance of the culture of heart, the core value system and group work, he said the future will be an era of cultural war with the satanic world and we have to make sure that we will win. He said all the creatures created by God are the most beautiful when they are engaged in an ideal family through true love. Establishing the ideal family with true love, true life and true lineage is the most important will of God, and to accomplish this, we have to have a standard of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

Hyun-jin nim reflected about the time when he began his public mission. At that time he was alone. Confronting the people who distrusted him and blocked the way, he was so sad. During his speech he scolded second generation members, their parents, and leaders saying that you don't know God's ideal and that's why you don't want to work fully for God's providence. He emphasized about true love saying that true love can not be realized in our thinking and our brain but in action in our daily life.

He sometimes conversed with members and led the atmosphere to a very comfortable environment. Sometimes he joked with early members, sometimes pointed out the problems shouting and asking participants to see their real mission. In the end he asked all the participants to pledge to fulfill their responsibility with a clear understanding of what True Parents have taught us till today. And in response all the participants stood up, raising their hands to show their determination to fulfill their life mission.

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