Unification News for December 2004

The 45th True Children's Day

On Nov. 12, around 5000 members gathered at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center to join the Cosmic Parent, Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind to celebrate the 45th True Children's Day.

Rev. Chung-hwan Kwak, as the master of ceremonies, prepared everyone with holy songs before True Parents entered the main hall.

True Parents entered at 8:00 a.m and, after lighting the candles, offered a prayer and a full bow to God. Then True family members, family members of the 5 saints, representatives of 6 continents, representatives of the providential religions, representatives of the National Messiahs, members of the True Parents' tribes, representatives of the Abel side of the world, representatives of the Cain side of the world, and representatives of the spirit world offered their bows to True Parents.

Rev. Kwak guided all the participants in reciting the family pledge and then together with his wife offered the representative report prayer. After cake cutting by True Parents, Rev. Jong-kwan Yu lead the three cheers of eug mansei. Rev. Kwak lead the hoondokhae from the cheonson-gyung --rue (Filial Piety), which was followed by True Father's heavenly words of love.

Before he began the hoondok speech, Rev. Kwak described the time period after the establishment of the True Children's day in the year 1960, especially the way True Parents have walked through out their lives as a true son and daughter of God. He added that we too have to become the true sons and daughters of God and True Parents, fulfilling our responsibility

In the commemorative speech, Father said that we have to become the kind of children capable of leaving behind a pure lineage centering on True Parents' love. Emphasizing the importance of the blood lineage, Father said that even though you may lose your life, you have to be able to inherit God's blood lineage. You should go beyond being family-level filial sons and daughters to become the true filial sons and daughters of God and True Parents.

The pledge and the commemorative service on this holy day ended with True Father's prayer.

The holy day entertainment was held in the afternoon at the gymnasium of the Cheongshim Youth Training Center, where there was at the same time a dedication ceremony for the training center itself. With the vision of a challenge of dream and hope, the youth center was established centering on Father's dream for the education of the second generation in age of Cheon Il Guk

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