Unification News for December 2004

Region 21 Blessing Workshop Report

November 20, 2004

By Rev. Timothy L. Henning

Saturday, November 20, was the first day of a two-day seminar preparing candidates for the Clergy Blessing on December 18 at the Pasadena Headquarters. Seventeen clergy attended a Divine Principle overview that day, starting from 9:00 am and ending just after 5:00 pm. The presentations were given by Rev. T. L. Henning. The Unification Worldview Seminar, a 14-week study course of 3-hour lessons, was condensed into a shortened version of just 800 slides for this 2-day seminar covering the chapters of the Principle from "Creation" through the "Second Advent". Each of the two days is broken up into four sessions with a lunch being served and some breaks for refreshments and a short discussion period.

Seventeen of the candidates for the Clergy Blessing in Region 21 of 2004 attended. Those who could not attend the session are being followed-up at their homes by special appointments during the upcoming weeks.

The reaction to the presentations was very encouraging. Several ministers mentioned that they could understand the lectures better as a systematic whole when presented together. Detailed questions of how the fallen nature and original sin are transferred through the relationships between Adam, Eve and the Serpent were discussed.

A follow-up course specifically on the Life and Mission of the True Parents and the Meaning and Value of the Blessing and Change of Blood Lineage will be offered on the Saturday following the seminar, December 4. The Clergy Blessing is open to candidates who recognize the mission of the True Parents through a thorough study of the Principle and receive guidance from our regional director, Rev. Ku. Our goal this year is 36 blessed couples at the Clergy Blessing and 12 new Peace Family Churches.

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