Unification News for December 2004

2nd Generation Thanksgiving Workshop in Los Angeles

by Rev. Godwin DšSilva

The 2nd Generation Thanksgiving Workshop was held in in Los Angeles, Novvember 26, 27 and 28th ­ 2004. The theme of the workshop was "Knowing my value and developing my relationship with God"

It has been our tradition here in Los Angeles to hold a Thanksgiving Workshop for middle and high school 2nd Generation students for the past 7 years. This year, with 46 high school students and 31 middle schoolers, our Pasadena House as a location for the workshop took a little wear and tear but survived the challenge.

Nonetheless, Pasadena House is an excellent location to hold a workshop. The sanctified atmosphere and the beautiful gardens surrounding the house help create an excellent place for young people to experience Godšs love.

And this year, they especially felt more love from our Heavenly Father. Preparation for this workshop, with its theme "Knowing my value and developing my relationship with God," went a lot more smoothly this year than in previous years. This was mostly due to Rev. Baek Joong Kušs encouragement to put in place second- generation leadership.

The second generation leadership comprised of Mitsy Kuramoto, Josiah Larson, Shawn McCarthy, Maria Anceney and Jinae Mitchum did a fantastic job of putting this workshop together. Under the guidance of workshop coordinator Elizabeth Manaka, the second generation workshop leaders prepared a very enjoyable schedule for our kids.

Besides the staple Divine Principle lectures such as Principles of Creation, Fall of Man and Restoration, we had lectures on Core Values taught by Shinji Tanaka, Hebraism and Hellenism in current times taught by Jack Ashworth, and Jesus: who is h eand why is he important to us? by Keith McCarthy.

In addition to the above specified topics, Rev. Baek Joong Ku gave spiritual and practical guidance to the high schoolers while Rev. Godwin DšSilva gave a motivational talk to the middle schoolers on how to have a bigger vision.

Well, it was not all study; there were numerous group discussion breaks interspersed with sport activities such as soccer and bowling. Our youngsters enjoyed good meals prepared by our many parent volunteers who were coordinated by Carol Takhar. Parent volunteers had prepared nice meals such as a delicious turkey dinner on Saturday night and also a wonderful baked chicken lunch on Sunday.

Overall, everyone enjoyed this tightly packed 3 day Thanksgiving workshop. In the closing Rev. Ku gave each family a Korean Language Study CDROM as a gift. And in the end everyone posed for group pictures.

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