Unification News for November 2004

World Peace Herald

World Peace Herald is an online general-interest news publication for readers around the world. Based in Washington, D.C., World Peace Herald draws on the worldwide resources of The Washington Times, United Press International, Tiempos del Mundo, Middle East Times and others to report the most significant international news developments and trends.

World Peace Herald is published by News World Communications, Inc., and carries on its tradition of excellence in journalism. To this end, World Peace Herald has assembled a staff that represents the best of News World Communications, including senior editors Michael Marshall, United Press International Editor-in-Chief, Robert Morton, Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition, and Gordon Anderson, secretary general of the Professors World Peace Academy and editor of International Journal on World Peace.

World Peace Herald seeks to provide readers with access to news and views not often found in the traditional media, with a particular focus on issues that relate to building world peace. Our view is global, and recognizes the interdependence of the world's nations. As such, World Peace Herald reports news that cuts across the boundaries of religion, politics and culture, while also recognizing the efforts of peacemakers around the world. We heartily invite your comments, suggestions and recommendations and look forward to hearing from you.

World Peace Herald
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