Unification News for November 2004

Workshop and Conference report from UTS, Barrytown, NY

Reported by Cliff Yasutake, Business Manager

Our fiscal year starts on July 1 and on July 2nd the New Jersey Family Church came to UTS for a Divine Principle workshop. In July the most significant workshop was the World CARP/STF Graduation which was held from July 19-28. 70 graduates participated in a final workshop prior to graduation from their second year of STF where they witnessed in CARP centers in the U.S. In August we again hosted the STF/Word CARP Kickoff workshop where the 2nd Gen prepared themselves for one year of fundraising and leadership training. Parents were also invited to attend this workshop where they could ask questions and learn about the exciting year which was ahead for their children. This workshop which has been traditionally held at UTS is such an inspiring event where parents can see the wonderful changes in their children and other 2nd generation children because of the STF and World CARP commitment to our children. Then later in August the Japanese Missionaries came to UTS for English instruction and to attend classes in Christian Theology to make them so much more effective in their sacrificial work in the U.S. to work with Christian ministers. Mrs. Erikawa also attended with 22 other Japanese missionaries for the 10 day "Christian Ecumenical Leadership Program at UTS". On August 28 we hosted the reunion of the Christian Brothers. About 160 "Brotherís" who either attended high school or were among the staff of the Christian Brotherís facility came together at their alma mater to greet their fellow classmates from many years ago. It was such a wonderful day to see so much happiness as they greeted their old friends once again. This was the third reuion which we hosted in the past 5 years and we hope to continue this wonderful event. In September the World Missions Mongolian team came to UTS for a week workshop. It was so inspiring to see 50 young Mongolian church members working so hard and so committed to True Parents. Then in late September and up to the International Tong-ll Moo-Do tournament at the University of Bridgeport, Tong-ll Moo-Do members from throughout the world gathered at UTS for a week training to ready themselves for the tournament. These are wonderful brothers and sisters from throughout the world who are making a big impact throughout the world. Dr. Seuk came to UTS to speak and meet the participants. Mr. Kenasku Takahashi organized and holding the title as"Master" trained the younger members. As of this writing, the World CARP teams are here for a 10 day workshop. 75 members from throughout the world who are so committed and faithful are such an inspiration to all of us. The World CARP Leadership Seminar bringing together all of these wonderful brothers and sisters is a wonder to see. They all love and respect Hyun Jin Nim and the other leaders of World CARP and the quality of the workshops shows the vision and hardwork of the leaders of World CARP. Dr. Seuk also came to speak and to meet the workshop members. He gave his testimony and he also told me to say in this report that his wife was the first pioneer of New York city in 1965. She had an apartment in Manhattan and when True Father toured the U.S. in 1965 he spent 3 days in her apartment. Dr. Seuk is under the impression that the history of the early church in America does not include his wifeís early pioneering efforts in New York city. He was so inspiring and he also showed a short video showing the work of our church in China which we do not hear much about but apparently there is a lot of activity there.

So as we close the first few months of our fiscal year here at UTS we really appreciate all the of the organizations which have held their events here. We are looking forward to the 3rd North American Educators Conference which will be held here at UTS October 22 Ė 24 and also the return of the Japanese Missionaries later this year. These were only the highlights of these past months and we thank all the other groups who came to UTS not only to have their events, but to experience the spiritual and the physical greatness of Barrytown. We want to encourage everyone to come to Barrytown and experience the wonders of this place, where the " cherries bloom forth in the snow and underneath where the four leaf clovers grow". Come and meet God and have many wonderful memories here. Thank you.

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