Unification News for November 2004

Washington, DC Event On World Peace And Unification Centering On The True Love Of God

by Rev. M. Jenkins

Dear Family,

The Washington event on World Peace and Unification Centering on the True Love of God was a beautiful night of hope and inspiration both for Washington and the world. On October 28, the ballroom of the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City was overflowing with diplomats, mbassadors from other countries to the U.S., and diverse religious leaders who had gathered to hear the Word of God. The spirit of this tour is directly connected to True Father's 34 years of sacrifice.

An ensemble called "Catalyst" performed for the prelude. This ensemble is composed of the Mehrdad Mizani family. Also Kiah Victoria (Adruma's daughter), who performed on the Broadway show the "Lion King" playing the role of "Nala," gave an incredible performance.

Rev. Arnold Howard of Enon Baptist Church, who received his degree at Howard Divinity School, offered the invocation. Then Yoshimi Kadota performed "The Lord's Prayer." Her performance was captivating.

Rev. Jesse Edwards offered an inspirational message testifying to Father Moon as the one who overcame all suffering and persecution to fulfill the will of God. You could feel the Holy Spirit descend upon the audience as Rev. Edwards called for this nation to truly see the work that God is now doing through Father Moon. It is the work of the Messiah. It is the work that is unifying not only leaders of all races and denominations but also leaders of all faiths. I never imagined that one day I would not only be joining with Christian leaders but would also be going to Al Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem to join with Muslim leaders in prayers for peace in the Middle East.

Then the Rev. Dr. Walter Fauntroy, pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church, who was a member of the U.S. Congress for 20 years and noted a civil rights leader, came forward and affirmed True Parents as King and Queen of Peace. He said, "It's now time for the election; my vote is going to go for Jesus and Rev. Moon!!!" He went on to say that he was deeply moved by the fruits and the suffering life of Father Moon, a life that has been constantly lived for the sake of others. Also, he said, Rev. Moon is a leader with a plan that is God's plan and the resources and the commitment to carry it out. He concluded, "I am delighted and honored to call Father and Mother Moon the King and Queen of Peace." The Crowns of Peace were offered by Bishop C. Phillip Johnson of the New Prospect Family Life Praise and Worship Center in Washington, DC, and Amar Napth Gupta, the spiritual leader of the Hindu community in Washington. Dr. and Mrs. Yang received this on behalf of Father and Mother Moon.

Then came Bishop Stallings, who electrified the audience with a strong call to transcend the divisive politics of this age. He said that division and polarization are not good for America and don't allow this nation to be all that it can be. God has called America to lead and heal the world. Therefore, a new movement that rises above the two parties should become a third power. An interreligious organization must be formed that will become the conscience of America that will guide this country towards God's ideal of the two-parent family. It was a powerful message, similar to the one in which Father Moon called for an interreligious council at the UN. In fact, with the Peace UN True Father is stating that God's plan for peace must include a body of religious leaders or people of faith who can light the path for peace through breaking down barriers. This path based on the unity of faith then can be implemented and administrated in cooperation with the elected officials.

True Father came on the stage after the Crown of Peace video. It was beautiful. The spirit of welcome in Washington was tremendous. Ambassadors, members of the clergy, and Ambassadors for Peace were there because they love Father Moon. They know him and they trust him.

The foundation in America is incredible. The faster we transfer that heart to the larger public the faster we will see Father's life and mission embraced and understood.

Father was powerful in his speech. The full text was published in the Washington Times and will be published in every major paper in the country. The Word of God will go forth. The Bible says that when God casts the bread (word) upon the waters it shall not come back void. We could see that in Washington. For 34 years God was sowing His seed in America. What is the fruit of that? One very tangible expression is the 12 Christian leaders who are traveling with True Parents. These 12 believe that Jesus anointed Father Moon as the Second Coming, Messiah and Savior. They proudly stand when called upon. When we think back to the Clouds of Witnesses and the tribulation all leaders went through, it is not a simple thing to see these clergymen stand so clearly.

The exciting thing is that it is growing. In Washington, Rev. Arnold Howard and Rev. St. George Crosse have made that affirmation. The thousands of clergy associated with ACLC are now beginning to make that step in numbers. It is growing and expanding. This is amazing and it was this core group that became the basis for the victory in Israel. Rev. Jesse Edwards has been expanding the ACLC ministry to the white clergy. Rev. Abernathy and Bishop Pugh went to Israel and now understand who Father Moon is. They know that Jesus is doing it.

Once Christians truly start to realize that Jesus was the one who called Father when he was 16, they will come as a landslide. We must prepare for that moment.

Father spoke his heart in Washington. He read his 50-minute address and added about an hour extemporaneously. This time he had Dr. Peter Kim translating over the radio while Father spoke freely on the stage. It was overwhelming.

Father talked about how serious this time is for America. He also talked about how the major media throughout the world do not communicate God's view and providence and many times skew the truth. He said that is why he created the Washington Times and owns UPI. The purpose is to tell the truth. He spoke of how important the news media are for the new world. He also shared with the 12 clergy who are in the front: "If you really understand who I am then you cannot sit still. You must go and change this nation."

Father is on fire. He is burning with the love of God to see God's peace kingdom emerge. He ended his speech sincerely asking everyone to follow the teaching of God. He asked with such sincerity and heart. He giving us his word on this historic speaking tour which he has said will be the last in America.

America is responding. The audience was shouting and crying out affirmation. We will follow!!! We will, Rev. Moon. We will, Father Moon.

Father shared his heart with Washington because the Washington Family Church and the many organizations represented there prepared well. The program was very smooth.

Flowers were presented by Bishop Steven Harris and his wife, Bishop Glovinia Harris. A trophy honoring True Parents' 34 years in America was given by Rev. Cleveland Sparrow of ACLC and Pastor Greg Thomas, whose ACLC youth basketball team won the International Championship at the Interreligious Youth Sports Festival this past summer.

The event concluded with the Crown of Peace Awards given to: Fawsia Etemadi; Rev. Byron Filus (ACLC Co-Convener in Florida); g (Hindu Spiritual Leader); Rev. Allen Herring; former State Senator Donzella James (Georgia); and Senator Florence Pendleton.

Washington did a great job. Congratulations!!!

Thank you to Rev. Hong and Rev. McCarthy.

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