Unification News for November 2004

Korea Hosts Conference to Highlight the Culture of the Mongolian Peoples

September 21-24, 2004 - Seoul Korea

IIFWP and IIPC International hosted the "International Peace Conference for Mongolian Leaders from Around the World" under the theme of "Establishing a World Culture of Heart and Lasting Peace: The Significance of Mongolian History, Culture and Family Tradition" which was held in Seoul Lotte World Hotel from September 21 to 24, 2004. Representative leaders (many of whom were university professors) of Mongolian descent from 10 nations of the world including guests from Korea (around 600 people in total) participated in this historic conference to bring peace among the descendants of the Mongolian race and in the world as a whole. Over the course of history, the Mongolian peoples have found their way to many parts of the world, and this conference was an innovative attempt to draw attention to their deep roots and common history and heritage.

This conference ended with a wonderful Brother/Sisterhood Ceremony among all the participants and the "Inaugural Assembly of the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace" on the evening of September 23, 2004. The fledgling organization will be managed under the umbrella of IIFWP until it can maintain an independent existence.

From Rev. Kwak's keynote address in the conference opening plenary, September 22:

This Mongolian conference is fundamentally different in its way of approach from the other international events that have been held for each field and race. First, a number of races, nationalities, cultures and religious spheres are included in the Mongolian people of the world. This conference is tremendously meaningful and significant in that it was achieved through a transcendence of race, nationality, culture and religion.

We all are aware that overcoming the boundaries and barriers between ethnic groups, religions, races and nations is no easy task. Many saints, sages and peace-loving people have known that peace can never be realized without transcending these barriers. Yet nobody dared to take the first step. Intense conflict in the international community, diverse governmental interests, and barriers on organizational levels have encouraged the pursuit of self-centered interests.

Then what is it that has made us overcome these barriers to gather here in this place today? I believe it is that instinct built in our lineage, our spiritual nature and orientation towards the common good--the desire to live for the greater good--from within that has led us to this place. We are all originally from the same family. We are bonded together by blood that comes from one common ancestor.

Throughout this conference, I am sure you will all come to realize that we are all related by blood and share a common cultural root. You will discover that the Mongolian history and origin has a much longer and more deeply-rooted history than you first thought, you will return to your nations with wonder and inspiration. You will experience the joy of reuniting with brothers, family and kin that were separated for so long.

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