Unification News for November 2004

First Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament

by Atsushi Murakami
October 9-10, 2004 - Bridgeport, CT

On October 9th and 10th, the first World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament was held at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. About 50 participants came from Japan, Korea, China, USA, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Northeast and Oceania. The tournament was sponsored by the World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation, World CARP, I.E.F and Martial Arts Federation for World Peace.

October 9th was a preliminary tournament for individual and group form competition and special techniques competition.

Before the competition, all participants took an examination of the New Philosophy for the Martial Arts, which shows how we can realize world peace through martial arts training. All participants passed the examination. One Japanese participant scored 100 points.

Individual form competition was composed of two parts. The first part was circular movement. The second part was free style. According to the participant martial arts type, they performed various forms. Champion Master Schulze performed Il-Seung Eui Bon as a free style form.

The team form competition consisted of very exciting performances by each country. The champion US team performed a good combination of forms, free sparring, self-defense and weapons techniques. The audience was very excited by the performance. The two women from Northeast (Eurasia) Continent performed an excellent form with Russian folk music. The performance contributed to a cultural atmosphere and inspired the audience.

The special techniques competition was composed of self-defense, breaking and special forms. Highlight was Champion Mr. Luice's breaking four boards with one vertical board by hand. It was a very unusual method and inspired all the spectators.

In the morning of October 10th, the preliminary sparring competition was held. The Peace King Cup sparring rule allow for all different kind of techniques such as punching, kicking, throwing and grappling. The participants applied many different techniques.

In the afternoon on October 10th, the Opening Ceremony was held with a speech by Neil Salonen, President of the University of Bridgeport, and Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, Chairman of the World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Open Tournament Committee.

A special demonstration was held by the Tong-Il Moo-Do and Taekwon Do teams. Taekwon Do Master Choi showed excellent breaking techniques with indomitable spirit. Also the Tong-Il Moo-Do team showed a peaceful form, various weapon techniques, breaking baseball bats and ice blocks. All the spectators were very excited by their excellent performance and high spirit.

The lightweight and middleweight champions were from the Philippines. They displayed professional skill, not only in punching and kicking but especially in ground techniques.

The heavyweight champion was from Russia. He showed good spirit and won by a seven-point lead, showing total superiority to his opponent.

After the competition, the Awards Ceremony was conducted. Winners received Peace King Cup medals and trophies. Also, the World Martial Arts Peace King Cup Flag was passed from the USA to Japan.

Participants from the Philippines testified about how the Peace King Cup atmosphere is different from other tournaments. They felt and appreciated the atmosphere of brotherhood for the sake of world peace. Through this Martial Arts Peace King Cup Tournament, participants could realize a unified spirit to build world peace beyond nationality and type of martial arts. After the tournament, the participants spent time sharing from the heart and created an atmosphere of brotherhood.

Tournament results

Individual form competition

1. Kai Uwe Schulze (Germany, Europe)
2. Wilkens Bjoern (Germany, Europe)
3. Yacob Abebe (Ethiopia, Africa)

Team form competition

1. USA
2. Japan
3. Northeast (Eurasia)

Special Techniques

1. Luice Carreno (USA)
2. Olga Spitsyna (Russia, Northeast)
3. Yacob Abebe (Ethiopia, Africa)

Sparring competition

* Light weight

1. Jerson P. Estoro (Philippines, Asia)
2. Luice Carreno (USA)
3. Seoung Woo Hong (Korea)


* Middle weight

1. Robert Lee Bumina-Ang (Philippines, Asia)
2. Wilkens Bjoern (Germany, Europe)
3. Dumitru Bradautanu (Moldova, Northeast)

* Heavy weight

1. Vitaliy Naumov (Russia, Northeast)
2. Marley Papali (New Zealand, Oceania)
3. Tatekimi Matsuzaki (Japan)

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