Unification News for November 2004

Blessed Children with Special Needs Ministry

by Fran and Yoshi Ichijo

We are at the beginning stages of gathering information (ex. names and situations) for the sake of being able to pray for these families and being able to understand and support their needs.

We ask that the information requested in the online form ( http://www.familyfed.org/bfd/sncontact.html ) be voluntarily provided by only the family of the Blessed Child with special needs.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Please let others know about this website and encourage them to submit their information.

One eventual purpose of our ministry is to be able to help facilitate the matching and Blessing of these special kids, besides supporting one another in all other areas.

There is a link to the ministry page on the BFD website.


From there you can go to their testimonies of matching their own special needs son and also to an online form for submitting information about families for prayer and support.

Email:  Ichijoy@aol.com

National Ministry Coordinators for the BFD

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