Unification News for November 2004

Raleigh Prayer Dinner with Rev. Levy Daugherty

By Mary Helen Robles

On Monday October 4th, 2004 Rev. Levy Daugherty blessed the Raleigh Family with his presence at a Prayer Dinner held at the Crossroads Golden Corral in Cary, NC.

Needless to say, the physical food was good but the spiritual food was great! The meeting opened with prayer and testimonies by Caroline Uyama and Rev. Cho, who recently attended the 7th Pilgrimage to Israel.

Rev. Daugherty spoke on "How do we create a civilization where God's footprint can be on the earth?" He went on to say, "the ultimate civilization is the extension of God or the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Adam had the right to take dominion only when he became an extension of God." He touched on the topic of diseases, saying that "all diseases come from your frame of mind," making references to different parts of the Bible to support this. He further elaborated on how a person's character is determined by his actions. He then spoke on a formula of 3 to make a Miracle: 1. Absolute Faith, 2. Absolute Obedience, 3. Absolutely being in Love with God. At this point the Holy Spirit took over, and I stopped taking notes. It was truly an enriching experience for all of us attending.

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