Unification News for November 2004

Missouri Divine Principle Workshops

by Rev. Charles Cherutich

On the first Saturday of each month, the Missouri Family Church holds a Divine Principle Workshop for new members.

This has created a continuing witnessing momentum since everyone knows that his or her guest will be treated to a quality workshop.

We have chosen seven lecturers, each specializing in a section of the Divine Principle. The lecturers become experts in their area of content. This means that they can teach new guests who are coming for the first time, as well as repeat guests who need a seven-day content.

We have not defined a preferred lecture format: some lecturers prefer the blackboard, while others use Powerpoint presentations. We were expecting the guests to indicate to us a method of choice. However, they like the variety of styles and formats, as it makes the lectures exciting.

Lunch, always made by our Japanese sisters, is usually a time for discussion, questions and answers, and a time for guests to share their reflections on the workshop.

As a result of the consistent effort to have the workshops every month, membership has increase 20% in Missouri just this year.

We have found that having a prayer breakfast on the fourth Saturday of each month and a Divine Principle Workshop on the first Saturday of each month creates two excellent gateways for guests to discover the many programs and activities of our movement.

We always end the workshop with our local proclamation: The Kingdom of Heaven is here! Please join us!!

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