Unification News for November 2004

ACLC Prayer Breakfast North Carolina

October 5, 2004 - Winston-Salem, NC
By Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

On October 5, 2004 we held our ACLC Prayer breakfast at the CRT Christian Farm in Winston-Salem, NC. Rev. Levy Daugherty from Washington, DC, was our guest speaker with our regional leader, Rev. Byung Seok Cho, in attendance. It was a wonderful event and all the participants left enriched with a deeper sense of purpose and understanding of God s providence.

At 9 am the guests were slowly trickling in. For me it was somewhat a test of faith to believe in a good turnout. Some pastors had called that they would be late. Eventually nine guests and six FFWPU staff came.

Bishop Ronald Hash, Pastor of the Christian Love Center from Spencer, NC, opened with some short words of welcome and a prayer for breakfast. A delicious breakfast buffet, prepared by Sun Niles and Ingeborg Nakahira, awaited the guests.

Sun Niles, who became a part of the Triad Family Church of Peace in the beginning of 2004, delivered a beautiful Korean Holy song with all her heart. It created the spirit and attentiveness for the introduction of our main speaker: Rev. Levy Daugherty.

As at Rev. Daughertyıs earlier visit in June, he again deeply moved the heart of the ministers with his sincere presentation and his great sense of understanding about the building of Gods kingdom. Five major areas need to be restored in order to build the kingdom of God: Religion, Politics, Economy, Academia and Media. If we can turn those areas to Gods side, than the kingdom of God can be built and a new civilization can begin. To do this we need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Rev. Daughertyıs message created the foundation for a good forum of questions and answers.

I concluded with announcements about the upcoming events. Then we closed with the song ³Amazing Grace² while holding hands and Minister Mikal Muhammad gave the Closing Prayer.

After the prayer breakfast Rev. Daugherty, Rev. Cho and myself met with Rev. Winfrey for a lunch appointment. It was a special meeting and Rev. Winfrey expressed strong desire to go on a March for Peace through North and South Korea. Afterwards we visited his church in King. United in love as brothers and sisters we departed from each other.

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