Unification News for October 2004

Divine Prinicple On TV ----An Idea Whose Time Has Come—Again


The Long Island Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is leaping into the 21st century. Inspired by True Parents who have –again—been encouraging us to use mass media in our outreach efforts and by the early efforts of Don Makowski and others, who years ago had a passion to bring the Divine Principle to Television, the Long Island Family Federation is now commemorating a year of being on air with a program called DIVINE PRINCIPLES.

Pastor Tom Corley, Director of Family Federation of Long Island, as executive producer together with producer/director Greg Davis have put together a powerful dynamic program featuring the classic lectures of Kevin McCarthy (still one of the best even after 20 years). With the able assistance of camera and engineering by Andrei Bart and the editing talents of Ed Poor, the Long Island Cable TV program is truly a community project. Whether it be sitting in a car to hold a place in line for a time slot assignment (in the dead of winter), offering constructive feedback, or actually appearing in the program—almost everyone in the Long Island community has played a part. It is gratifying to know that the investment is paying off. We are getting calls from all over the Island expressing interest in the program and over 21 tapes have been sent to interested parties. People want to know, "where did this come from"? They are astounded and inspired by the depth and content of Father’s teaching. Currently a local Minister is watching in his church with one of his congregants and two people have come to the center, through watching the program, and are studying with great interest, the Divine Principle. This is only the beginning. A fire is building from a spark. We are confident that we can build a huge fire of truth and will make a big "noise" throughout L.I. through cable TV. Most recently in fact, one viewer ordered 18 tapes of the program.

In addition, our brother Kevin Pickard in Westchester, N.Y. is now producing cable-ready programs of high quality featuring interviews and discussions of providential activities which we will be "test marketing" in the Long Island area. Through these programs our audience members will have a chance to see the reality of what Father and our movement has been doing of real significance in recent years. We have secured an extra hour time slot in each county on L.I. and will begin the series in October. Our community in Long Island is very excited about the potential to reach millions through what was once affectionately called "the idiot box"—the TV.

As Yogi Berra (famed Yankees catcher) once said "its Deju Vu all over again", which means-here we go again with the same thing. Take a look around people are looking for spiritual truth—again. The witnessing activities are bringing spiritual children to the workshops—again. Crosby and Nash have a new album out (its spiritual!) and there is a lot of music, and other signs, "comin down" to testify that it is "a new time"--again. I believe that the idealism and hopeful innocence of the sixties has returned. This time, however, we see clearly and we can catch the wave of optimism. This time---we can not only talk about "revolution" (the True Love Revolution) but we can clearly, logically and providentially educate those who are open as to—how Peace will come.

If you or our your community are interested in the Cable TV providence the tapes that we are showing will be available in the near future to be purchased from the LI Family Federation for a nominal fee and they can be edited to show your local contact information. The program is ready to go. You don’t need a hi-tech studio or expertise in media to produce the show. All you need to do is secure, in your area, an hour-long slot on Public Access Cable TV (its free and every cable area has it-by law). For specific information check out your local cable company website under Public Access they will have all the info you need. Make sure they accept Super VHS format drop off the tapes and show the program. It’s that easy! No more excuses. Check out our Web site lifam.org. For more information contact Pastor Tom Corley at 516-481-7322.

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