Unification News for September 2004

Walk Across America

Rev. Matsui
September 2, 2004
Baltimore, MD

After leaving Washington, DC, Mr. Matsuo Machida arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, on Thursday morning, September 2. He took Route 1, which runs through the middle of the city of Baltimore.

As we did not know the exact route at the last moment, we could not prepare well. But our ACLC minister was so moved by him and called several offices just the day before he came. Although we did whatever we could, we couldn't meet the mayor. But we visited an official at city hall. Here are some pictures from when he walked through Baltimore.

I met them that night and heard his testimony. He said Route 1 sometimes had no shoulder, so he was tense because he remembered one moment when he was almost hit by a truck because of strong wind.

As we know, Mr. Jesse Berndt drove a car that supported him. The car, which Father used for fishing trips, was driven across the country by Dr. Yang and has been accompanying him since Reno, Nevada. It watches over his walk in place of True Father. If he can walk on a wide shoulder, he hums and sings as he walks.

Mr. Machida talked about his hard times during his trip so far. The most difficult time was not climbing the Rocky Mountains or waking up as early as 3:30 in the morning to get to Washington, DC on schedule. It was two days when he struggled with bugs and insects. They bit him one after another. But he thought about True Father, who had pioneered in South America. He could feel how True Father had paid indemnity for us there. Although it was just two days, he lost control of his temper.

This journey has been not only lonely but also life-threatening. So he understood Father's life through this.

On the other hand he could feel love from God and from Americans. He proudly showed us his T-shirt, which was a gift from St. Louis. Because he had a good experience there, he has worn this T-shirt.

Twice today he got a donation along the road, which is a rare thing in a single day. He said that Baltimore will be blessed by God and progress well. I felt this was God's voice to our community.

He is heading through Pennsylvania to Philadelphia. His plan is to arrive in Danbury on September 11 at 12:00 noon. He would like to pray together with the nation of America.

Then he and Mr. Berndt will go to Israel on September 12 with his victorious foundation.

When he started his trip, he had no idea what would happen after he got to Danbury. Now he realizes that God planned this journey for God's providence in connection with America.

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