Unification News for September 2004

Walk Across America - The 82nd Day (August 21st, 2004)

Report by Hisayoshi Koga

Mr. Machida walked from 4 AM to 9 PM, about 35 miles per day, on Route 50 to Washington, DC.

On August 21st, the 82nd day of "Walk Across America," he started walking from Macomber, West Virginia. He walked in the mountains for several days, and his walk in the mountains continued this day. It was a cool and rainy day. At the beginning of the walk, the rain was very heavy, and his socks and shoes were soaked. He took off his socks, hung them on his backpack, and kept walking. He had a lunch around noon.

Mr. Jesse Berndt, who drives a support vehicle, made sandwiches for him. Jesse assists him with meals and places to stay. He also checks out the routes he will walk. This vehicle used to be used for True Parents. Whenever Mr. Machida rides on the vehicle, he feels True Parents' atmosphere. He appreciates True Father very much, since True Father asked everyone to support him and work with him when Mrs. Erikawa reported about his plan. He also appreciates Mrs. Erikawa, who gave him tremendous support, and all brothers and sisters who pray and support him.

On this day, he arrived at Mt. Storm, West Virginia. The next two days, he has to go across the Appalachian Mountains. The rest of his walk to Washington, DC is 148 miles. He is going to arrive in Washington, DC on August 26th before noon.

The photos were taken in Redhouse, Maryland before and after lunch on August 21st. Route 50 passes through the southwestern tip of the State of Maryland. He had lunch there.

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