Unification News for September 2004

Creating Bonds with the Persian Jewish Community

Rev. Jenkins
August 18, 2004 - Israel

Dear Family,

The Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) is rooted in a fundamental theme: God Is the Parent of All Humankind. This is a cornerstone maxim that is the foundation for peace. We have one God and one parent. This is the essence of why we are brothers and sisters - all races, religions and cultures are children of the same parent. This principle guides the IIPC into relationship with all the Abrahamic Monotheistic faiths as well as into friendship and respect for all religions.

Crucial to the work for peace in the Holy Land is the effort to win trust and support from the rabbis, imams and Christian leaders as well as the believers they represent. Although the people of faith must be complemented by people of all backgrounds and beliefs for the work of peace, the people of faith play a critical role.

On August 12, we had a beautiful moment for the IIPC and the Ambassadors for Peace from Oceania and Africa. One hundred and fifty Jewish leaders and professionals from the Persian Jewish community came for the third event that we had since December 26th last year. Each event built trust and understanding. One key person who helped us organize this was Dr. Daniel Dana, an Ambassadors for Peace from Jerusalem. He is trusted by the Persian Jewish community and plays a major role in their efforts. It should be noted that some very prominent Israeli leaders such as the President of Israel and the current Minister of Defense have emerged from this community, who for the most part emigrated to Israel from Persia after the fall of the Shah of Iran. These Jewish people are highly educated and are people of tremendous character. If you think about their journey as a people-these are the Jews that were taken captive to Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar, and when Cyrus of Persia freed the Jews to return this is the community that remained. On our stage under the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace/ IIPC banner hung the flag of Persia at the time of Cyrus, the flag of the current Persian state, and the flag of Israel.

There was already a great deal of support in this community due to previous conferences held last December. From this community, 299 representatives supported our December 22nd Rally. It was very special.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang spoke as the central leader of the World Peace Pilgrimage. Dr. Yang greeted everyone on behalf of our True Parents and Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak and emphasized that our desire for peace is rooted in God and the family. He was very moved by Dr. Daniel Dana1s commitment and work to bring harmony between Jewish and Muslim communities.

Persian/Hebrew program Emcee: Dr. Dani Dana, of the Peace & Love International Movement, Jerusalem Participants included:

Mrs. Shannaz Nechucapar, Founder of Shahin Cultural Association Mrs. Shoieh Hakka, Programmer, Persian Radio in Israel Mr. Michael Hani1I, Israeli attorney and legal advisor Mr. Baback Isth-I, Representative of International Peace & Love Movement of Israel Mr. Ilan Aghani, Persian Manager Program

Each Persian Jewish representative was very moved that we had come from all over the world to bring the family of God together. This was the will of God.

Mr. Hani, an attorney for the Persian Jewish community, spoke about the essence of the family as the foundation for peace. Mrs. Nechucapar, who spoke before our rally of 20,000 on December 22nd giving support to the IIFWP efforts, also spoke beautifully about the need for this kind of movement in Israel.

It was an overwhelming experience. When the Jewish community opens its heart and begins to dance there is nothing in the world like it. Somehow you can feel that we are all rooted in the Jewish tradition and faith. Christianity began with Jesus, and Jewish followers who were inspired by God1s spirit wrote the scriptures. Islam also arose inspired by God from the family of Abraham, and the people of the Islamic faith strongly confirm the scriptures of the Torah. This is very significant. You could feel the merging of the Christians and Muslims that came from Africa and Oceania that night.

English Hebrew program Emcee: Mrs. Miri Kamar, President of the Women's Federation for World Peace-Israel Participants included:

His Excellency Ati George Sokomanu, First President of Vanuatu Dr. Masatoshi Abe, Senior Advisor & Ambassador for Peace to Israel Mr. Oscar D'Abreu de Sousa Baia, President of the Housing Institute; and former member of the National Parliament, Sao Tome Hon. David Clark, Member of Upper House Parliament of New South Wales, Australia Dr. Eliezer Glaubach, President, Professors World Peace Academy, Israel Dr. Shuki Ben Ami, Director, Emil Frank Institute, Jerusalem Rev. Sang Jin Lee, Africa Continental Director, Family Federation for World Peace Rev. Chung Sik Yhong, Oceania Continental Director, Family Federation for World Peace Dr. Antonio Betancourt, Regional Secretary-General, IIFWP-North America Rev. Michael J. Jenkins, Co-Chair, IIFWP USA

President Sokamanu gave profound inspiration and helped all the participants feel that this peace effort was global. He stated that although he is from a small country, his country as a member nation of the UN has a significant role to play. He stated that when we all join together from many nations the world will move in that direction.

Mr. Clark gave a clear vision of how we are connected now as one. The problem of the tensions between the religions is very evident in Australia since 9/11. We all are faced with the need to bring cooperation and good communication among the various faiths of each of our nations. Therefore, we are all connected here and can contribute to and learn from the progress that is being made here.

Rev. Jenkins gave basic guidance on the Blessing. Then a miracle occurred: the families who had come from many nations and continents and religions joined hands with the Jewish families of Israel, and they received a special Blessing of their families. The prayers of Muslims, Christians and Jews invoked the blessing and protection of their families. Now all blessed families can remain in their faith tradition and build the Blessed Families standing firm on God1s covenant that we must not divorce or commit adultery.

The atmosphere became similar to the prophecies of scripture in which all of God1s people would come together in Jerusalem and God would be the God of all people. We concluded the evening with "Janet" a beautiful professional singer who is also a doctor at Hadassah Hospital. The atmosphere was one of great joy.

The next day key leaders of this community came and asked to be a part of IIFWP. They said, "We have been to several programs and we are moved by the love for all people here. We know you love and respect the Jewish people. We also realize that the problem of terror cannot be overcome with war. We have been struggling because we know that move violence begets more violence, and yet how can we address the cause of the violence?" I could see it from last night. IIFWP can address the violence with the most beautiful approach of love and respect for the faith of the people. The key is genuine love and respect.

My brothers and sisters - Come to Israel !!! Don1t hesitate !!! The Kingdom is being established right before our eyes.

Glory to God! Glory to the great faiths of Judaism, Islam and Christianity! They are now finding their common bond as one family and the children of Abraham.



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