Unification News for September 2004

New Church Dedication Ceremony at North Haledon

Jacob Park
August 19, 2004

On August 19, 2004 at 9 PM, the New York Korean Family Church in North Haledon, New Jersey held the Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom.

At 8:50 PM the sanctuary was filled with the blessed members and their children as we began the Holy Wine ceremony. Everyone was deeply grateful to True Parents for their grace and hearts.

Every member determined to renew their faith at that time. The main event was broadcasted via the internet followed by the Holy Wine ceremony. It was truly a great blessing for everyone in this new providential era.

As we enter into the new providential era, New York Korean Family Church would like to share the blessing of God and True Parents through offering a new sanctuary on 374 Squaw Brook Road in North Haledon, New Jersey. The dedication ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 5, 2004 at 3 pm. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. Rev. Shin, Dong Mo is the pastor. Han, Hun Taek is the chief officer of the New Church Committee.

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