Unification News for September 2004

Mrs Hyo Ja Moon, wife of Dr Dae Hee Hong, Regional Director in Florida, has finished her 40-day fasting condition

Dr. Hong
June 29, 2004 - August 7, 2004

First, I want to offer the utmost glory to Heavenly Father and True Parents who set this 40-day fasting condition victoriously, using my weak body. I couldn't help crying with a remorseful heart, thinking about comforting the heart of True Parents who have overcome such tremendous difficulties and gone the path of tears until now.

I want to briefly explain about my motive for starting this 40-day fasting condition. After coming back from the 40-day workshop in Chung Pyung, I had been offering the devotion of 120 bows every day, because I deeply felt that I had been like a blind person who was ignorant of the original heart of God and True Parents, due to the fall. I shed tears many times during the workshop, because I felt deep in my bones the sorrowful pain resulting from the fall, which has caused humanity such misery. When I saw the media stirring up public opinion against True Parents regarding their coronation as peace king in the Senate office building, I wanted to offer a sincere prayer to God about the situation of America, which is blinded because of the fall.

We all know that America is the country blessed by God, but we might not know that God blessed this country in order to use it for His Will. In front of God, America is so important as the elder son country that God cannot give up on it. America has no other way to go except to follow God's Will faithfully.

On June 28, which was the 15th day of the third 40-day period of devotion, while I was praying after bowing 120 times, I had a strong feeling that even though God is present on earth, an earthly condition such as a 40-day fast was absolutely needed. Thus, I started this condition from the next day.

During this period, I had no fear at all. Through this small condition, I felt deep in my bones how fortunate we are to attend the cosmic parents, parents of heaven and earth, and parents of heaven, earth, and humankind in our lifetime. Also, I spent these 40 days with a joyful heart, filled with hope and confidence that all the righteous people in the spirit world would be able to join with the earthly conditions of the righteous people of the world, and that finally the shining glory of God's Will would become widespread on this earth as well.

I had an unbearable, splitting stomachache, especially from the 4th day to the 6th day. My husband worried so much and even suggested that I do only a 21-day fast. However, God encouraged me by saying, "My dear daughter, you can do it; I believe in you," while I was praying during morning hoon dok hae. I cried and cried at that time, thinking about the heart of God who couldnąt help but trust in a mere child such as me and use such a weak daughter as me.

I offer the deepest gratitude to Heavenly Father and True Parents for permitting me to have deep spiritual experiences with God as well as to offer this small earthly condition successfully. I also thank from the bottom of my heart Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins, and all the leaders who showed love and encouragement during this period. Especially I want to thank my dear sisters in Florida who supported me with one-day chain fasts. Also, my appreciation goes to Mr. Machida, who is walking across America from the west to east even in the scorching heat of summer.

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