Unification News for September 2004

New York Korean Family Church Dedication Ceremony

Rev. Dong-Mo Shin, pastor of New York KEA
September. 5, 2004, 3:00 pm at North Haledon, NJ

On September 5, the New York Korean Evangelical Association (KEA) held a dedication ceremony for its new church with organization leaders and 350 church members from the northeast.

After closing the 3.8-acre property on May 25, the New York KEA members spent about 100 days preparing for the ceremony.

All the church members mobilized to prepare for thsi first dedication ceremony after the start of the new era.

Right after the arrival of Dr. Chang-Shik Yang, the ribbon cutting ceremony began at the entrance of the chapel. The Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Yoon-Myung Park, one of the team leaders of the Church Purchase Committee. Before cutting the ribbon, Dr. Yang gave an official report prayer to dedicate the building and property at 352-374 Squaw Brook Road to Heavenly Father and True Parents as in the name of the Continental Director of North America.

The main dedication service was held at 3:30 pm in the chapel by Elder Sung Oh (2004 Chairperson of the organization of church members). The main programs began with the opening prayer by Elder Hoon-Tack Han (Leader of the Church Purchase Committee). Greetings were given by Rev. Dong-Mo Shin, the pastor of New York KEA, followed by a passage report by Mr. Yoon-Myung Park, congratulatory remarks by Rev. In-Hoi Lee and Rev. Dong-Woo Kim, a congratulatory performance by Ji-Eun Oh, keynote address and benediction by Dr. Yang, and three cheers of Uk-Mansei led by Rev. Chan-In Jeon.

Rev. Shin gave short greetings and offered gratitude to Heavenly Father, True Parents, and all church members who offered donations for the purchasing of the property and who volunteered to decorate the church for the ceremony. He explained that no special prizes were being given because all the people should be given a prize for working very hard for the church. Mr. Yoon-Myung Park reported on the history of the church purchase, using a PowerPoint presentation. He reported that all members had a sincere effort for success, especially three successive 40-day prayer conditions, two 21-day special prayer conditions, etc. Also, he explained how it was difficult to find this kind of great location and obtain a mortgage.

In the keynote address, Dr. Yang spoke about True Parents in Alaska and the mission of the church in the "New Era." He compared church to the Holy of Holies which can connect directly to God and True Parents through worship and praise. Church is the right location to promote mutual friendship among the blessed central families and to multiply blessed central families for the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In conclusion, Dr. Yang mentioned that we are owners of Cheon Il Guk and should have great pride in True Parents, Divine Principle, and our family. All the families need to become champions of these three pride.

After the service a special dinner was served for all the participants. For this memorial ceremony the church members made all food by themselves. It was great day, and thanks to God, True Parents, and all participants.

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