Unification News for September 2004

Witnessing News - Washington DC Witnessing and Education Vision Tour

Rev. Bayo
September 4th 2004

As part of Region One's continued effort to move our guests, friends and associates into full membership within the family and raise them up from members to become leaders, the DC region is pioneering several educational and training methods. One of these is the Vision Tour.

The Vision Tour is a concerted effort by Region One's regional director, Rev. John P. Hong, our regional witnessing and education staff, and local church leaders to help expose new members to the wealth of historical facilities that True Parents and the Unification Movement have established over the years in America.

The purpose of this tour is to further simulate and facilitate a lasting commitment through the inspirations that these sites have provided through the years as a springboard for renewed hope and determination to serve and save America.

Participants in this Vision Tour are drawn primarily from new members who have attended a one-day seminar, a two-night/three-day workshop, and have shown clear interest in becoming members and receiving the Blessing - Father's prime mission.

On September 4th as part of the region's 40-day leadership workshop for new members and Blessing candidates, four new members and two leaders embarked on the first Vision Tour. The one-day tour started from the Historic Palace of Love at 1610 Columbia Road, NW, District of Columbia (now called the Peace King Center), and continued up to the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS), Belvedere, and East Garden.

We gathered at 3:00 am on Saturday morning for prayer and pledge, and then we started the journey to UTS. We arrived in Barrytown, New York, at about 9:30 am and were received very warmly by the regional director for Upstate New York, Rev. Ki Yeal Lee, and his wife ___. Rev. Dr. Tyler Hendricks, the president of UTS, was also on hand to welcome us and gave us an overview of the history, mission and purpose of the seminary. The group was very moved by the down-to-earth style of Dr. Hendricks, who entertained questions and answers in the beautiful chapel. We later took a tour around the campus and were privileged to walk down Father's trail.

The next stop was Belvedere, in Tarrytown, New York. It is considered by many older members to be the heartbeat of the movement in the early days in America and still the historical center of inspiration.

Rev. In Hoi Lee, regional director for New York, and Rev. Andy Compton were on hand to receive us and share the heart of True Parents. As the new members were listening attentively, I sensed history being made as they received new revelations about Jesus and the offering that True Father made to comfort his heart.

We hope that through this kind of educational tour we can help others to see, feel and unite with the heart and mission of True Parents.

New member participants were Bro. Charles Matthews, Bro. Robert Alston, Sister Josephine Zambo, and Sister Emile Moukam, who was a delegate to the Republican National Convention held in New York. Leaders were Pastor Adrien Bayo and Rev. Akira Ota.

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