Unification News for September 2004

Sun Hak Choir News

by Nancy Kubo

60 youth from U.S., Mexico, Taiwan, and Canada gathered for friendship, singing, recreation and performing for two weeks in Seattle as members of the 2004 Sun Hak International Children's Choir.

Under the direction of Nancy Kubo and assisted by Mitsuru Kubo, the choir learned a repertoire of 17 songs in 14 languages and performed three concerts with live instrumentalists that included strings, woodwinds, percussion, marimba, electic guitars, and piano.

Founded and named by True Mother, the choir is fulfilling its mission as ambassadors of peace by including youth of all faiths, nationalities, and races, and by singing the music of all lands.

Visit www.sunhakchoir.org for more information, and put Sun Hak Choir in your plans for Summer 2005.

Groundwork is being laid for a service-and-performance trip to Israel in the near future. The choir accepts any motivated youth ages 9 to 18 into its two performing troupes.

Email: Nancy Kubo at nancykubo@sunhakchoir.org

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