Unification News for September 2004

2004 International Mister and Miss University Held

Another remarkable pageant was held last night at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul that is the 26th Mr. and Miss University International Beauty Pageant where 14 young men and 14 young women vie for the grand titles as the 26th Mister and Miss University 2004. The victorious winners as this year's Mister and Miss University 2004 were Mr. Chinese Taipei, Yi Cheng Hu of & Ms. Kenya, Robai Muslivi Khamasi who is a very statuesque lady at her age. Both of them not only has beauty but has what we call the X-factor that is to convey the best message on how we could make a change in the world.

This year's participating nations were composed of Korea, Japan, America, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Hungary, Columbia, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tianjin China, Chinese Taipei, Kenya, and Lebanon. Each pair walked the stage at the opening program with their colorful and glittering traditional costumes. The sight of the candidates brought sparkles in the eyes of the audience more so for the judges who are very excited to the outcome of the pageant as each one of them introduced themselves.

Aftter that Dr. Kyung Jun Lee, President of Sun Moon University gave the welcoming remarks saying that ancient beauty included more goodness and righteous lifestyle. This contest pursue the true beauty of humanity such universal value in beauty that goes on the idea of living for the sake of others and the ideal family. The pageant offers to promote true beauty of humanity all over the world.

Then the MMU video introduction was shown on two large video walls built at the left and right side of the stage followed by the introduction of judges who were namely, Dr. Kyung June Lee, Presidnet Sun Moon University and Chairperson of MMU Korea, then Mrs. Irina Shushkevich, former First Lady of the Republic of Belarus, Hon. Hamilton Green, former Prime Minister of Guyana, Mrs. Ludmilla Tichon, wife of former Chairman of Knesset in Israel, Amb. Rene Francisco Umana Chinchilla, Honduras Ambassador in Korea, Sir. Nicholas N. Kettrie, Chairman of Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Justice and Peace in Washington D.C., Hon. Young Hee Suh, Secretary General of the IIFWP Peace Ambassadors, Prof. Lynne L. Kim, Director of International Cooperation of Sun Moon University, Prof. Keun Joon Kim, Kyungwon College of Arts, and lastly, Jae Bong Ha, Media Critic. Next highlight of the event was the Talent Presentations from the best performances of the candidates from Tianjin China, Chinese Taipei, Kenya, Korea, Russia, Philippines, and Columbia.

After that was the video of the Sri Lanka Project were last year's Mister and Miss University, Mr. Fadle Saad and Ms. Charlotte M. Shih went as the Campus Ambassadors for Peace last April 18 to 29. They learned that MMU is not just a beauty pageant but a process of experiential learning to embrace the differences of others and believe that diversity is a plus and not a minus.

Once again the candidates paraded in their formal wear followed by the intermission number, a performance from the Colors of Love where they rendered their two new songs from their latest album, ÒEnoughÓ and ÉÉÉ and one from their first album, ÒNever Lose SomedayÓ. COL is a group of 4 beautiful young girls who sing songs of peace.

Finally the top 10 finalists were announced as the audience long for their bets to be called. They were namely, Mr. America, Mr. Chinese Taipei, Mr. Kenya, Mr. Korea, Mr. Sri Lanka, Ms. America, Ms. Chinese Taipei, Ms. Hungary, Ms. Kenya, and Ms. Tianjin China. All of them were called later for the Question and Answer Portion.

At last, the most awaited moment has arrived, the announcement of winners: The most excellent in service and participation, Most Special Award goes to Mr. Nepal, Nitesh Karki & Ms. America, April Deller. The First Runner-Ups were Mr. Kenya, Lonina Leteipan & Ms. Chinese Taipei, Pei-Ying Chu. This year's Mister and Miss University 2004: Mr. Chinese Taipei, Yi-Cheng Hu & Ms. Kenya, Robai Musilivi Khamasi.

Emcees for this year's pageant were Mr. Joe Hoon Chae and Ms. Jungwha Jessica Richardson. Special thanks to the supporters, the World Culture and Sports Festival, Sun Moon University, Grand Hilton Hotel, Chongyohak Shinmun, and the Kenya Tourist Board.

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