Unification News for September 2004

Camp Sunrise 2004

by Soniyae Stephens
13, Columbia, MD

Well I went to the middle school session of Camp Sunrise, and the theme this year was Faith in the Family and Peace in the Kingdom. It was only a week this year. They cut out a couple of activities from last year such as the day long hike, and personally I liked the hike. And I was sort of disappointed that they didn’t have it this year.

The good thing is they still had the aboji-thon, where throughout the day all we did was play sports. And my unit (Unit 3), out of all the girls events, we won them all except that picture game which was only a "good job". I don’t think anyone won that one…

The sad thing was that the boys of Unit 3 lost most of the games, but they won the water sports and the girls won the ground sports. Since our unit was the smallest we were losing against Units 1, 2, and 4 by a lot!

And how you can tell we were losing. It was because the goal out of all the units was to fill up God's heart. So there was this big poster board and there was a big drawn heart on it. If you win sports and do good deeds, then your unit's half of the heart will be filled up. So the whole point is to get God's heart filled up. My unit did some good deeds and we didn’t win so many sports so our part of the heart wasn’t so filled up.

All in all Unit 1 won because their part of the heart was the most filled up and my unit, Unit 3 was last…but I know I still had fun. ^_^ and I hope everyone else did too.

Another fun thing this year was our skits. This year instead of each unit getting a part of the Divine Principle to make a skit about, we got this piece of paper with 3 subjects on it. This time one girl team and one boy team had to work together and so our 3 subjects were Hilary Duff, Camp Sunrise, and a Wooden Duck. So we still wanted our skit to be based on the Divine Principle. So this is what happens in the skit. Hillary Duff goes to Camp Sunrise and then doesn’t like it there and then has a dream of a wooden duck which is God and He tells Hillary to not focus on her appearance and just have fun at camp. So she does and becomes a hard core Moonie! -- great huh?

But here comes the bad part…guess who’s Hillary Duff…me…but it wasn’t my fault! Everyone voted on it! I thought it was really unfair but its over with now. Thank goodness too. But I guess it was fun while it lasted.

The Lectures this year I thought were more interesting. This year we got these books where we write all of our notes in. That was very useful, I thought. Our first lecture was about faith. Absolute faith means having faith in something and believing it is true even if we don’t understand why. Also it means putting our trust in God.

Here’s a quote: "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see"

The next lecture we got was about the Fall of Man, and about what everything symbolizes such as the fruit, snake, etc.

Then the next lecture was about the mission of the messiah. The messiah is the only person who can help the world. The messiah has to complete the 3 blessings and he has to fix original sin.

We also learned that day the prodigal son's story is based on God's heart. The son represents people on earth and the story shows that God still loves them, represented by the father. The father forgave him because the son repented and admitted that he did wrong. If people today confess the things they did wrong to God, God will forgive and still love them.

Then the next day the topic was Faith in the family and Peace in the Kingdom.

Faith in the family means that the family always includes God. And that our attitude should be different from people who are not BC’s. Once you have a different attitude, then God can notice who his blessed children are. We also have to be with God all the time.

All in all it was another good year at Camp Sunrise. And I am looking forward to next year.

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