Unification News for September 2004

Blessing in North Haledon, NJ - KEA New York

Jacob Park
July 25, 2004

60 days after the church was acquired, on Sunday night 7/25/2004, we held the Blessing ceremony joining the WCSF 2004 in Korea via the Internet. It was a truly historical moment. We prepared our new church with our utmost effort. We put our wooden hand made church logo in the front and we put out the all hand made church sign outside. We prepared the long blessing banner for the event. Every member worked so hard preparing for the event until the last moment. We decorated the sanctuary just like a wedding place.

Rev. and Mrs. Dongmo Shin served as the officiators. 7 KEA couples served as the officiatorsÕ attendants and 2 blessed children helped with the holy water. We had the holy wine ceremony before the main event. During the blessing ceremony we had some problems with the Internet connection but we managed it on our own. We had 5 newly wedded couples including 3 Korean couples, 1 western couple, and 1 single western bride. These western couples came all the way from Florida. There were more than 50 guests and 30 KEA members in the audience.

Soon as we finished the Blessing ceremony we took pictures with the couples and the family members. We held the Indemnity stick ceremony followed by the Blessing ceremony. Everyone cheered for the newly wedded couples for their bright future.

This new church was the perfect place for such event. We thank Heavenly Father and True Parents for allowing us to have this historical event in newly purchased place. And we also would like to recognize those who made this event possible and successful.

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