Unification News for September 2004

August 20th Blessing and Celebration

Michael Jenkins

The Blessing that occurred on August 20th was based on the grace and forgiveness for all humanity. Presidents (former and current), prime ministers, and the world's great religious leaders gathered for this Blessing and to support our True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace. Representatives from the nations of the world and the religious leaders from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all the faiths of the world led a procession to honor Father and Mother Moon.

The IIFWP Conference and Convocation concluded with a very moving closing banquet. Key figures from Korea were in attendance and supported the Peace Kingdom that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is now proclaiming. Performances by the Little Angels and testimonies by participants brought the representatives from the nations of the world together with a feeling of authority and power to build the Peace Kingdom. More 120 participants and Crown of Peace recipients came from America. Former Congressman, the Rev. Dr. Walter Fauntroy, praised Rev. and Mrs. Moon for their sacrifice and dedication and unchanging commitment to tear down the walls and build the Kingdom of Peace.

An Interfaith rally of 21,000 was held at Sun Moon University celebrating the 8th Chil Pal Jeol (Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth). First proclaimed in 1997, this holiday signifies that from that time the safe settlement of True Parents was secured and that nothing could reverse their eternal foundation. This caused the liberation of all humanity.

True Father's speech began with extemporaneous remarks focusing on the revolution of indemnity (unity of mind and body, husband and wife), revolution of conscience (as the dwelling of God, you are guided by your conscience) and revolution of heart (you become one with God's heart to serve and save humanity).

Father's address gave a new foundation for the Peace Kingdom. He proclaimed that the new heaven and earth has now been revealed. We are living in a totally new era. We are now to become revolutionaries of love and truly focus every aspect of our lives on living for the sake of others.

The celebration broke out into a moment demonstrating the "liberation" of all ancestors when an American Indian leader danced while a Korean Folk song was beautifully sung by one of Korea's great artists. Joy filled the atmosphere as you could feel that the Native America Indian people could dance freely on the world stage before all of history. Father and Mother were beaming with joy.

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