Unification News for September 2004

ACLC Monthly Prayer Breakfast, Los Angeles

Rev. Henning
August 21, 2004

"Honoring Parents and Strengthening Families" was the theme of a powerful monthly prayer breakfast held in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 21. Four major purposes were outlined in the three-hour meeting attended by nearly 100 guests. After the classic Gospel sounds of the "Mighty Men of Christ" and the welcoming remarks of the Rev. Dr. William R. Johnson, our new Co-Convenor, the breakfast was underway with some readings, prayers and a delicious home-style buffet. The breakfast interlude was also highlighted by the sounds of the "Fabulous Imperial Gospel Singers."

Mr. Andy Weiss, Director of the American Freedom Coalition in San Diego delivered a slide presentation on the first major purpose of the meeting: honoring parents at the Parentsı Day ceremonies throughout the greater Los Angeles area and also a proposal for a grand ACLC Parents of the Year Awards Assembly in 2005. The proposal is for an annual event in August complete with certificates of recognition from high-level officials, awards and prizes for winners of essay contests and choir competitions, and presentations on what makes for true families that fulfill Godıs desire as mentioned in Matthew 5:48.

Afterwards, a video on the December 2002 Blessing was shown that testified to the power of the Blessing and explained True Parents' lifetime of work for world peace. The final segment showing Dr. E. V. Hillıs testifying about his personal commitment to the Blessing movement stirred the emotions. A short explanation of the significance of the cheon il guk Blessing followed, and then Rev. Ku prayed over the Holy Wine that would be distributed by four Peace Family Church pastor couples to the entire breakfast participants. Then the benediction prayer was given in Korean.

The third purpose was the "Building True Families" presentation that highlighted seven principles of successful marriages. This, in fact, is a Divine Principle sampler that began the pitch for the next series of the Unification Worldview Seminar. Two great testimonies were shared, the first by a professor and hosting pastor for the event who said of his experience in the classes, "If you want to know the real Jesus Christ, you need to attend these classes." The second testimony affirmed that the two-hour drive to attend each session was truly worth the trip. Several people signed up for the Divine Principle studies

"The Path to Peace" video addressed the final purpose of the meeting, followed by the stirring speech by Minister Mark Tengan, the Outreach Coordinator. He outlined the schedule and purpose of the World Peace Pilgrimage and urged those who felt called to leave their registration papers with the ushers at the door. Three decided that day to attend the pilgrimage. While all considered the pilgrimage opportunity, the Fabulous Imperial Gospel Singers sang, "On My Way to Jerusalem," an old country-gospel hit.

The breakfast closed with some special presentations, including a Korean Ambassador for Peaceıs gift of a picture of the Korean national flower, the rose of Sharon, with an American flag in the background. Elder Wright delivered a fervent prayer, and all agreed that this had been a very exciting and well-spent morning.

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