Unification News for September 2004

Prayer Breakfast in Chicago

August 17, 2004 - Chicago, IL

On August 17, around 60 people gathered at Elder Benton's church in Chicago and heard a wonderful testimony from Min. Andre Smith of his experience in Israel. He explained the importance of Christians working to help liberate Jesus' homeland from war and hatred. We also welcomed two new pastors, one who was invited by our Chicago Ambassador for Peace, Elizabeth Kuroha, and another who came down from Madison, Wisconsin.

Everyone also listened attentively to our main speaker, Rev. Bruce Sutchar, who gave a wonderful presentation about our influential work for peace in the Middle East. He also explained about the reality of the family situation in America today and helped give the audience a larger perspective of the work of the American Clergy Leadership Conference at this time.

The atmosphere at the prayer breakfast felt like a loving family, as we shared deep memories with the pastors in attendance who have worked with us for many years. Everyone felt a oneness or a kindred spirit and were so happy to be together.

At the final moment, Rev. Samuel Day stood up and gave a testimony about being pulled over by the police. He was wondering why he was pulled over but was not scared because he knew that he was not speeding. The police officer explained that he had noticed a clergy mark on his license plate, and he stopped the pastor to ask for prayer for himself and his wife because they were contemplating divorce. Pastor Day together with some other ministers came out and prayed for the policeman. The next day the policeman called him and reported that he and his wife had reconciled and were healed from the devil of divorce.

HALLELUJAH! The power of ACLC is real!

Everyone enjoyed the testimony of God's work, and this prayer breakfast became another memorable event in Chicago.

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