Unification News for September 2004

Bestfriends Program in Africa

by Michael Lamson

The Best Friends Program is sponsored by Africa Rising to help bring Blessed Children from around the world into a deep and meaningful relationship with Blessed Children in Africa. The long term goals of the program are to help cross the cultural divisions which exist between Africa and the world and to provide the opportunity for Blessed Children to learn to "live for the sake of others?by starting with their best friend.

At this time we are finding that many African Blessed Children are growing up in extreme poverty in Africa and are in need of a friend who can help them. This might mean emotional support, financial support or sending clothing or medicine, each situation will be different and will change with time. In most cases however it will be the friendships which will help all parties find a path to greater freedom and fulfillment. Through the program Blessed Children from around the world will be able to connect to a Blessed Child in Africa and become best friends.

We do live our lives sacrificing for others and often find that we have little left at the end of each day. I ask that we consider the many Blessed Children who are being welcomed by heaven everyday in Africa and the realities which they will be confronted with as they grow and fight to make their offerings in building the kingdom.

Unificationists have invested much of their lives as missionaries in Africa. There are so many Blessed Couples in Africa who are raising their Blessed Children in UC traditions and sacrificing what little funds they have as a family to support TPs work and vision to teach the word (DP) to everyone in Africa. Often this situation leaves the Blessed Children without the comfort of their parents and without the basic needs such as food and medicine.

The Blessed Children in Africa need to have other Blessed Children from around the world as best friends so that they can see the movement as bigger than just their village or nation. They need support and help.

Blessed Children from around the world can have a direct impact on the future of the Blessed Children in Africa through becoming a best friend. This will help the Blessed Children as they can develop a friendship which can lead to future adventures, experiences and understanding what "living for the sake of others" is.

The Best Friends Group will in the future develop a web page and other programs to support those who become best friends.

To discover how you can support the program and help your children find a best friend you need to join the group at bestfriendsgroup- subscribe@yahoogroups.com or contact Michael lamson at daddylamson@yahoo.com

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