Unification News for August 2004

Plenary session III - Core Values-Based Witnessing and Outreach

Core Values-Based Witnessing and Outreach

The lecture "Core Values-Based witnessing and Outreach" was presented by Kazushi Mito, the Vice President of witnessing and outreach WCARP. In his lecture, he states that Hyun Jin Moonís expectations of witnessing and outreach are Core-Values Based, Market Oriented, Leadership training, and Value-Creating organization.

Witnessing must be core values-based since Core Values are our organizationís competitive advantage. Culture is our first battlefield as our 2004 Motto states that to substantiate the culture of heart it must be done through embodying core values. World CARPís "brand" is "World CARP will teach people how to live Core Values."

Witnessing must also be market-oriented. It must aim for high quality students. The leaders must develop modular education and utilize new membership categories. There should be differentiation of education such as the beginning level should be Universal Values and at later stages introduce Divine principle and Completed Testament Age. Leadership Training is also expected in witnessing. The leader should develop a leadership pipeline. A center leader should establish Leadership training based on W- CARP educational epistemology: Experience Based supported by cognitive education and must be transformative, challenging, and aim for excellence.

A value-creating organization is also expected. Leaders should create both core base and mass movement. Reposition our organization through doing things that bring value to community. World CARP should be an exciting place with lots of activities. All these expectations with the vision and mission of WCARP, Core-Values Based witnessing should bring substantial success to WCARP as an organization.

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