Unification News for August 2004

Plenary Session II - Transforming the Culture in CARP Centers

Transforming the Culture in CARP Centers

Hiroyuki Tosaka, the Vice President of Leadership Development in WCARP, presented the lecture "Transforming the Culture in the CARP center" at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon in July 22, 2004. The presentation was the main theme of The International Education Conference.

In Transforming the Culture in the CARP center, we must have a new mindset centered upon core values. In building a new mindset it must be mission driven, Frontline Oriented, Quality focused, and Excellence minded centered upon the culture of heart. An essential mindset for cultural alignment must have a long term and short term mission driven goals. The long term goal must be focused in the fundamental mission in the restoration of True Family as central blessed couples, and should always live for the sake of others. While, a short term goal must develop witnessing for core members, develop outreach programs for mass foundation, and secure financial foundation.

In long Term goals, center leaders should focus in internal education. We should guide our members in "how" to substantiate the internal education in their daily life. We should also help them understand the Divine Principle with a core values perspective. And more importantly, set an example as a True Abel.

In short term goals, center leaders should keep their focus on transforming the Campus Culture. We should do "witnessing" 1 to 1 outreach to mass. To accomplish short term goals the transformation of oneself is essential, so as to build the consistency from vision to mission to every level of CARP activities.

Hence, for a center leader to be successful in his short term and long term goals he must embody the core values, embody True Love.

Being Frontline Oriented, the leader should set a standard by frontline victory. We should lead by example since transformations starts from leaders. The leader should have the firsthand knowledge in the field situation. The frontline victory of the leader will bring about passion and conviction as it moves the heart of the people. This is the foundation of leadership.

In gaining Ownership through victory the leader should focus on frontline missions: Fundraising and Witnessing as field education. We should make sure members understand "why" they should fundraise and witness. Leaders should guide members to gain victory. It is essential for victory that leaders should build strong Discipline and Focus on their responsibility.

To focus in Quality, center leaders should clarify the center member’s standard. We must be clear and consistent with personal or CARP mission and goal among members. A leader should build the team (family) based on respect and trust (True Communication). In witnessing to the "quality" guest, we should be motivated in transforming him to become a team member and raise them to be leaders by keeping a Parental heart.

Being Excellence minded, a leader should challenge himself and the members physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. He should create a new reality by setting the bar higher and higher with professionalism. He should be focus on a mindset that there is no such thing as no. 2, only no. 1!

Lastly, in the culture of excellence a center leader should build strong conviction through breaking limitations, constantly challenging to move himself and the members out of the comfort zone by thinking out of the box. A leader must pursue excellence in every responsibility by fighting to bring excellence in result both internally and eternally.

These are all an essential mindset for cultural alignment in transforming the culture of CARP centers.

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