Unification News for August 2004

Walk Across America

by Don Marsolek and Mary Anglin

As the Steve & Mary Anglin family headed west across the state of Kansas on July 23rd to visit out-of-state family, they met Mr. Machida walking along highway 24. They stopped and shared for a short time. They were impressed by Mr. Machida’s attitude. Even though he is making such a great sacrifice, he is genuinely humbled by the kindness of those he meets along the way. This is the sign of a truly great man, his concept of self is gone and he sees only the goodness of others.

On the evening of July 24th, Jim and Masayo Bowles arrived in Kansas from Oklahoma with Rev. George Akeen, a Native American religious leader. They met with Mr. Machida and Jessie Berndt, along with another Kansas family, Ken & Elisabeth Thompson and shared a meal at a steakhouse in the small college town of Manhattan. Rev. Akeen gave a special blessing prayer for Mr. Machida. Mr. Machida and Jesse then spent the night at the Thompson home in the countryside, before going on their way again early the next morning.

Mr. Machida arrived at the western edge of Kansas City, KS on the evening of July 27th, and was taken by Jessie Berndt to the home of Bill & Dawn Dillinger in Kansas City Missouri. There was a reception there and intimate sharing with Mr. Machida among Blessed couples and Ambassadors for Peace. Representatives from the three Abrahamic faiths were present, as well as black, white and yellow races and people from both Kansas and Missouri. A letter of welcome from Mayor Kay Barnes of Kansas City, MO was read and presented to Mr. Machida. Mr. Machida was in very high spirits and was most gracious to meet Family Federation members and Ambassadors for Peace.

Early the next morning Mrs. Dawn Dillinger walked several miles with Mr. Machida upon his start in Kansas City, KS. Later that day, several Ambassadors for Peace along with Rev. Juan Acosta joined in walking with Mr. Machida for several miles in Kansas City, MO. Mr. Don Marsolek, the AFC Leader walked several miles with them.

A Proclamation of a "Day of Reconciliation and Peace" from Mayor Kay Barnes was also presented to Mr. Machida in Kansas City. Rev. Acosta arranged for both the letter and proclamation. So far, donations in the amount of $320 have been presented to Mr. Machida in Kansas City.

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