Unification News for August 2004

STF Members Welcome True Parents

[Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard, editing by Mrs. Joy Pople. These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. Even if they were notes from a translator who is a native English speaker to an English-speaking person taking notes, there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore, these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through national headquarters memos, and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still, even with careful translation, much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.] August 4, 2004 - East Garden -- True Parents entered to a warm welcome from all key leaders, clergy and representatives of America, including STF members from Korea, Japan, America, Latin America and Europe. Father and Mother lit the candles and cut the cake.

The most important thing is blood lineage.

We must now be concerned about building God's Kingdom. We must live with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Blessed central families, you must understand that you must fulfill your responsibilities or your descendants will accuse you. Even if we die we shall live on. What good is it to live and not fulfill our responsibility? Do you Christian leaders here (Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards, Rev. McGhee, Archbishop and Bishop Delarosa) understand?

We have to think about fulfilling our own mission. America opposed me in the past. At some point in time I had to walk that path. I had to overcome obstacles one by one. That is the only way I could make progress.

I told God that everyone is falling into hell and I would like to save them. For the first time in human history, God met someone like me. Now you have True Parents who can follow God totally. How can things be resolved? The number of people that follow God is small.

Homosexuality is not the way of heaven. You must understand the ideal of absolute sex, in which one man and one woman bind together forever in fidelity and true love.

[Father spoke in English with profound heart to the young STF people. He spoke about absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. He also spoke about filial piety toward their parents.]

When American people are focused on having fun and just trying to be happy, actually Satan is laughing at them. God is sad and not happy. Happiness comes when we live for the sake of others.

The Abel UN made an incredible foundation.

Now we need new absolute values. Adam and Eve were supposed to be blessed, but they fell. Some people fell and want to be blessed. How many times can you marry? Once!

Many UC members want to be blessed, but they are not spiritually prepared for the Blessing. We should even use the internet. Have you thought about that? We must bless everyone, from the spirit world to the physical world. Archbishop Stallings' ancestors are watching from the spiritual world.

You must go through formation, growth, and completion stages. When we do Tong Bang Kyok Pa we must do it in three stages: neighborhood, precinct, and village. The number 8 is a new beginning. Number 1 represents God, number 2 is Adam, and number 3 is Eve. Seung Hap Ship Seung Il. The number 10, 5 plus 5, is the returning number, back to the origin. Ahn Shi Il is the holy day of attendance, not Ahn Shik Il (Sabbath).

You can go ahead and do something that isn't right, but your ancestors will come after you.

Do you think Rev. Moon will persecuted again? No. I am the parent of Heaven and Earth. All is fulfilled. I cannot be stopped. Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards do you understand? Many clergy are spiritually dead. You have to make a revolution. You should be very serious about my words. You cannot live without the knowledge and intellect. My teachings are very logical.

We must liberate all people, including those under communism. Islam, Christianity and Judaism and all religions must fulfill their responsibility. They should not fight. Some take the Koran or the Bible and use it to justify fighting. This should not be done. So far there have been a lot of divisions and struggles within Christianity.

The white sister here with blonde hair: you are from the polar bear race. They descended from the pirates. From England came many pirates. Spain, Portugal and the European countries began with piracy. They are also the ones who spread Protestantism. Italy was also involved with spreading Christianity.

People in the world do not understand how God has been leading the dispensation. In the spirit world, the five major religious leaders have been blessed. They have attended True Parents. As the parents of heaven, earth and humanity, True Parents are human beings who are manifesting the vertical and horizontal axes. We should have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The root of this is God.

This is the period after the establishment of heaven. The right hand and the left hand should not be fighting; they should become one. We should bring two hands together. We should be number one in whatever we are doing, whether it is a sports game or any other kind of activity.

From July 20 through August 20, we must make a special effort to go through three different stages. August 20 is the day when I was liberated from Danbury prison. We should bring liberation on the national and international levels. All people, including orphans in ghetto areas, should be liberated. We should become totally one with the cosmos. Heaven and earth should become one. We must liberate our fatherland and our homeland. We should turn this world upside down through the Blessing. We can become true sons and daughters of filial piety and loyalty through the Blessing. That's how we should live.

Jesus should have become the King of Kings in his lifetime. For that to be done, he should have established the four position foundation. The number 24 is 12 plus 12. Adding 4 to it makes the number 28. We should establish the number 44 and then be able to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on those principled numbers. Five men and five women coming together create the number 10. You must establish the four position foundation and establish the number 12.

There is order in everything. How can a father have a relationship with his own daughters? Is that proper for human beings?

The 38th Parallel is the critical dividing line between North and South. Religious people must not fight but must unite. When they unite, North and South Korea will unite.

What America fears the most is China, because there are many more people in China.

White people should not be proud of yourselves. Eskimos were living centered on fishing, and white people came with guns and took whatever they wanted. Eskimos are related to the Orientals. Many of them were shot and killed by white people.

Columbus proclaimed that he "discovered" America. The Spanish took many things from the Native American Indians and violated them. This must be restored. The British did even more. They took opium to China and started the opium war to destroy the Chinese.

Some people are afraid that Rev. Moon might conquer the world as an Asian, but my desire is not to conquer the world but to restore the world back to God. People want Communism to be destroyed, but the question is can we save the communists.

Should white people be blessed? Yes, all people should be blessed.

We should be able to offer our lives for God. Man should cherish the holiness of his love organ. I was tempted by many women in my life. I overcame, and you must do the same. You must be able to do the things God is pleased with.

Many women tried to tempt me, especially when I was in Japan. I related to all women as my sisters.

Man wanted to have dominion over the creation. Adam was interested in the animals, the butterflies and any animals. He was curious especially about how they shared their love. Eve was interested in something else. The Archangel was very kind and understanding and spent time with her. He knew how to please the woman. Adam was off somewhere else.

I met Jesus when I was 16 years old. Jesus could not be married even when he reached 30 years of age. That was not God's original desire.

Eighty percent of white men should marry black women. What about white women marrying black men? What if everyone only marries their own race--Koreans marrying only Koreans, Hispanics only Hispanics, Russians only Russians? Actually, you should marry someone of a different race, not just someone of your own background. People of different races should get married and then both backgrounds should live together. Some people may wonder why I promote interracial marriage or international marriage. All people should be from a completely mixed lineage. All nationalities and all races should come together. The different races grew out of the effect of the environment. The climate and the weather affected the characteristics of white people and Asians.

Do you love your wife? Sometimes after 20 years the husband and wife get tired of each other and think about someone else. The only thing that can prevent trouble is loving each other. Even when you are 60 or 70 years old, you must still invest in and love each other. This keeps the relationship fresh and changing and developing.

We must bless everyone with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and Holy Salt. There are three levels: the rebirth ceremony, the resurrection ceremony and the ceremony of eternal life.

[Father spent a lot of time with the youth showing his leg and feet and talking about the characteristics of his legs.]

If you want to maintain your health you should walk 30 to 40 minutes per day. I was never late to school. I was always early. If you are late it is because you are lazy. I still train myself and maintain my strength. I always do my best.

You should know your strengths and weaknesses, and you should know your attitude in life. Especially as leaders, you should fulfill your responsibility.

Now I weigh about 83 kilograms (186 pounds). I used to weigh 95 kilos. You should learn self defense and always be trained and ready for anything. What is most important is your mentality. With the right mentality you can fulfill anything. You should even be able to sleep with your eyes open!

You should be good in all sports. You should be trained to survive in all circumstances. All these things are here to give you training. When I go fishing, I can remain in the same spot all day long without moving. When I play baseball I can be a good catcher or pitcher or any position.

I spent 100 days in Korea, and 5 days in Kodiak, I was gone for 105 days.

I want you to take a special leap in your faith at this time. This is the time to give a special Blessing to your relatives and to all of your people. All people of the world should be able to participate. Now you should be able to restore your neighbors on the myun and gun level (these are the governmental units in Korea below the city level). This probably corresponds to precincts and townships in America. Three thousand three hundred myuns and guns should be involved. This will cover a certain amount of people. We should involve all Ambassadors for Peace; they should all should be informed and connected. Everyone should be blessed, no one should be left behind. All people should be registered. Christian leaders should lead the way. Young people should all be involved with the Blessing.

This is a powerful mission that you should be involved in. You young people must take Hoon Dok Hae seriously. You should find the way to cover the whole nation with the Blessing. Ambassadors for Peace should be active for this responsibility.

From now, our prayer should be only reporting results. If we have no results we should not speak. Then with whatever results we offer, God can receive them and guide us regarding the next day. If we have no external results we have to make internal results and offer them to God. This way we can progress each day.

Wherever you go you should bless everyone. Everyone in each nation must be blessed. UC members should not rest. Continuously bless people. You should become the owners of Cheon Il Guk. That's the kind of children you should become. For this cause I have shed tears, sweat and blood. With this is in mind, you must fulfill your mission.

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