Unification News for August 2004

Poetry Request

by Halvard K. Iversen

We have here in Ireland an Ambassador for Peace, a Muslim Sheikh who has come to sincerely love and admire True Parents. He is a driving force in the work of the IIPC and works to share True Parents' message of peace with the growing inter-religious community here.

Among many  talents, he is a poet and a writer, and he has already founded the "International Society Of Poets Of Peace" ( ISOPOP ). His determination is to publish a book of poetry about True Parents' life and teaching before their next birthday, and he is asking anybody who already know them and who have writing abilities to send in poetry to be published in this book. He promises all submitted poems will be judged by a group of qualified people.

Deadline is set to November 30th 2004. Could you please pass  this on?

Poetry will be accepted in different languages if there follows a translation in English. Requests for further information or submission of poetry can be sent to


c/o Sheikh Dr. Satardien

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