Unification News for August 2004

The First Ladies Association Event: "World Peace and the Role of Clergy Wives"

by Rev. Kathy Sato

On Saturday, May 22, 2004 we held a First Ladies meeting in Clifton, New Jersey. The topic of the event was World Peace and the role of Clergy wives. The house was packed with Clergy wives and a few Ministers who couldn’t be persuaded to stay home when they heard Archbishop Stallings was speaking. The evening was filled with laughter, excitement and embraced with the warmth and love the Holy Spirit. It just got better and better as the evening rolledon. Beginning with delicious dinner, specially catered by Rev. James P. Paige, member of the ACLC Steering Committee, followed by the New Jerusalem choir, which sang in beautiful harmonies, making our spirits soar.

Lady Gertrude Paige, a key member of the First Ladies Steering Committee, gave a short testimony. She expressed such a sincere heart of commitment as a First Lady to her own husband, but also to the ideals of The First Ladies Association.

We were ready for the second course (spiritual food) when Archbishop Stallings stepped up to the stage. God’s love and comfort poured out to the First Ladies as Archbishops Stallings spoke. He emphasized their crucial role in ministry as mothers and wives. Clergy Wives are peacemaker in the home, the church community and in the world. He encouraged them to attend and support ACLC activities with their husbands. At the conclusion of Archbishop Stallings’ powerful and uplifting message, Mrs. Doris Abebe, wife of an ACLC steering Committee member, presented him with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

It was a victorious event, setting the stage for the partnership of ACLC and The First Ladies Association, working hand in hand as husband and wife, supporting God’s providence for world peace and religious reconciliation. Everyone went home inspired by a greater understanding of how First Ladies can support the ministry of ACLC and work together.

The internal victory and beauty of the event was the support behind the scenes from Rev. Dong Woo Kim, the Regional Director, who empowers members to take ownership and responsibility. The teamwork of Rev. Ferrabolli, the Regional Coordinator for ACLC; Rev. Barry Geller Vice Regional Director of FFWP; Mrs. Igarashi, Regional Coordinator; as well all the headquarters staff, the missionaries and outreach members who invested their hearts and effort into the event.

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